15 Family Picnic Games to turn your Family time Into Fun time

It makes sense if I say without games, you can’t enjoy fully on a family picnic. Games are a process in which you get busy in making enjoyment for yourself. Especially when you are with family, playing Family games is the best thing you can do. Games work as the bridge But the only problem arises is what that games are, right? Here’s the solution. In this post, I’m sharing some Fun Family Picnic Games with you which will make you closer to your lovely family.

To have fun in an unknown place or known also where you and your family are going to celebrating weekends, you must have a collection of some entertaining Picnic Games which are just kick-ass. In an outdoor gathering for a picnic, the things which you need the most are your all family members, plenty of foods, the right season or environment and the Guess the most important? Yes, fun Picnic Games Ideas.

In my childhood, whenever I & my family go out for Spending holidays on my summer vacation. The best thing I found there, is the interesting games I played with my family. I still miss those moments. Anyways, Let’s come back on you. Besides giving you some thoughtful picnic games ideas, I’m requesting you to capture every single moment when you’re with your family and live it to the fullest. Because those days are very significant in your future life. Anyways, take a look at Picnic Games which you need to make your family time fun time.

Statues Family Picnic Game

I can bet with you that you surely played this game in your childhood, this game has a lot of fun and excitement. If you understand these games properly, then you will love this surely. In this game, all the members will stand in a row and one of them is standing in front of them from the backside. The person who is standing there will sing a song or do the counting, whenever the person stops and look back, everyone will remain standing in the same position for a while. If any movement is done by any member, then he/she will be disqualified from the game.

Arm wrestling

The only game which I played a lot in my childhood, and honestly, I’m the champion of this game in my school. I really miss that Pride feels, anyways. Arm wrestling is another great game, you can play on the picnic spot with your family. Don’t know the rule? Check out the video.

Find the Treasure

Kids will love such kind of searching games and little bit adult also. As the name suggests, in this game you have to find a treasure with your intelligence. You can make it more interesting by making a map for the treasure. For this game, you need time to plan this game and hiding the treasure which can be anything in your picnic location. This game is really insane and if you plan properly, everyone’s picnic will go awesomely.

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Badminton With Family

Badminton is an all-rounder game that can be played at any location any time with only 2 members also. This game is very simple and almost everyone knows how to play this one. You can keep this game on your list to play at the picnic location. And also don’t forget to keep the badminton.

Tied Legged Race

I never played this game in my life, that’s why I’m not going to personally suggest you play this game on your family picnic day. But I read awesome reviews about this game from many families who played this game. That’s why you can consider this game as a good option.

In this game, categories the member of your family in groups of 2 members. For example, if you have 6 members in your family, group them of 2 members each which are in 3 groups. Once you have done this step, tie their one leg with the leg of another member gently. Then the race will begin, the group which completes the race first will become the winner of this game. I know this game looks weird but it has real fun which you don’t want to miss on your picnic.

Family Picnic Games

Don’t let the ball touch the Ground

The name of this game is enough for showing its rule. I played this game couple of years before when I’m out with my family. It’s really been so long. I’ve personal experience with this game that’s why I’m suggesting that if you don’t want to miss great fun on your picnic, must play it on that day. And you will thank me later.

In this game, you just need a lightweight ball. Then divide your family member into two groups with equal members. One group will play this game at one time. As time starts the ball is throw in the air and every member of the playing group will try to keep the ball in the air as more as they can. Once the ball falls on the ground, the second group will come in the ground. The group which keeps the ball in the air for more time will win the game. 

Keep it in the mouth

This is my personal favorite game which I must play whenever I go out with my family or friends on my weekends. As the name suggests this game show your patience and ability to control yourself. For playing this game you just need something to eat like sweets, candy, etc. The rule of playing this game is, players just need to keep the eating item in the mouth rather than eating it. The one who can keep the food in their mouth for long will win the game.

A Dice of Dare

Have you ever played do or dare game? I think so. This game is just an updated version of that one. Dice of Dare is a family picnic game which you can play at any spot. For this game, you just need a dice on which different easy and the tricky task is given like do a dance step, sing a song, or mimicry. You can also add your customized task on the dice. One by one all the players will throw the dice on the ground, whatever dare comes, players have to perform it.

Catch the Ball through Basket

I and my brother usually go to the park for playing catch-catch in my childhood. With some customization in this, I bring a new family picnic game for you. The rule of this game is you have to catch the ball thrown by other players in a basket. The member who catches the most number of the ball in a limited time will win this wonderful game. This game looks simple but if you want to be the winner of this game, start your practice from now.

Finish it first

This game is simply a round of eating. If you are a foodie just like then you will surely winner of this game. as the name suggests, in this game all the players start eating or drinking together, the one who finishes his/her food fast will win the game.

House of Cards

Playing cards is my best time pass and another great reason because I like cards is I can make a lot of shape with it. Even I’m an expert in making houses of cards and I can do it within 5-6 minutes. I played this game many times when I’m out with my friends. That’s why I add this to the list of wonderful Family picnic games ideas. Just carry a pack of playing cards, device your family members in 2 groups and start your race of making a house of cards first. The group which makes a house of card first will win the game.

Hit the Intruder

Have you ever played Dodge ball? This game is just like that. But a little bit difficult and tricky. As in dodge, you have to hit the other team member with a ball, same as it in this family game, you have to hit the person with a ball but without facing your head towards them. Let me explain, in this game, you have to stand in front of a person with your back facing him/her. The person who stands behind you is not allowed to do movements from one to another place. Then you have to hit the person with a ball without looking at him just by concentrating on her voice and guessing his/her position behind you.

Marbles – Family Picnic Game

Marbles, my partner game in my childhood. I’m a pro in this game in my childhood. There are many varieties of games you can play with marbles at any location. Because of this portability, this game is a perfect family picnic game and has a lot of fun.

Tic Tac Toe

I’m sure that you are already well aware of this game. OK, that’s fine, but have you ever played this on a family picnic with your family? I don’t think so. You should try this game when you’re out with your family on a picnic, it has really fun if you play it in the right way with some customizing rules. Like divide your family into 2 groups and start the competition of one by one person from both the team. The team which wins most of the matches will win this game.

Thumb fighting

 Thumb fighting is another most popular game for kids as well as for adults too. On a picnic, if you have nothing to play, then this game is perfect for you. Because for this, you not need any physical item, your hands, or even thumb is enough for your entertainment on the picnic spot. 

Help the blind Runner

This is my last family picnic game idea which I’m sharing with my audience. I pick up this game from the games which I usually play in my childhood. In this game, you need to divide your family members into 2 teams, Team A and Team B, one player from both the team will start a race with covered eyes. Rest team members will help the player reach to the destination, the player which reach the destination first will win the game.

How to Select a Better Picnic Game for playing with Family?

That’s ok that you are here and need some great Picnic Games ideas. But do you classify whether a game is suitable for playing on a family picnic or not? I don’t think so. That’s why you need to read this article till the end. Now in addition to great picnic games ideas, you also need some tips which help you to select the best game for playing with your family Plus it adds fun to your Picnic. Clear? Now let’s proceed to those tips.

  • Choose a Game which can be Play Anywhere
  • Everyone can play the game together
  • Suitable for every member of your Family
  • Choose an easy to understand the game
  • The cooperative game which can play in groups
  • Can be customized according to needs

Now, let’s wrap it up. Hope you liked my Above Listed Games ideas for Family Picnic. I collected these games from newspapers, magazines, and other sources only to serve you better and unique game ideas. If you found this helpful, do comment for me & share it with your friends. If you have any doubt just let me know.

Enjoy Your Trip!!!😉

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