5 ways hotels can execute more meeting and event bookings 

Hotel events and meetings are considered as one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue. Event planning and management by both hoteliers and planners have attracted a constant flux of business travelers and professionals. 


Also, creating and managing an event at your hotel allows you to cater your services to a whole new range of different visitors and professionals. Not just that, managing big company events allows you to build your hotel reputation and exhibit a potentially valuable long-term business. So, here are some ways mentioned on how to generate more revenue and upgrade the meeting and event bookings. 


#1. Optimize your website content 


Make sure to highlight your hotel location as an appealing place to host any events. Add valuable and interesting blogs to your website and share insider tips, knowledge, trends, etc. This advertisement will make your hotel destination the hub of activity and can bring high-paying events. 


Planners always lookup for a destination that develops their interests and excitement beyond the event. Advertise your hotel services to different groups and conferences and publish the testimonials on the site. 


#2. Add a search-optimized travel guide 


Meeting planners mainly look for the entire city and area, not just your hotel space. So, it’s important to highlight how event planners can make use of hotel areas and nearby places to add more value to their attendees. 


Try to post content, more about hotel outdoor space, bars, major tourist sites, etc to give a boost in the eyes of event planners. 


#3. Create an app for event planners. 


An app can be a great way to navigate all your attendees about your hotel and its offers. The app with easy access to room booking or any service can help you attract more visitors and planners. 


Many online hotel booking apps such as Book your own have already mentioned a list of hotels and their features. This makes it even more convenient for the visitors to find all the hotel features and services in one place. 


#4. Post videos of your hotel on social media 


Facebook and Instagram are some of the most popular social media platforms that help you to connect with your target audience. Also, video contents are on trend and have a great potential to engage viewers. 


To conduct more events at your hotel, try to put more video content like a tour of hotel space or a chef doing a tutorial at your business profile. These videos can help you reach maximum followers/visitors in one go. 


#5. Use chatbots for better customers experience


To improve customer engagement, try to use chatbots. As, it can help you interact with your customers and provide relevant answers at all hours of the day. 


The artificial intelligence system has made chatbots even more user-friendly and personalized, leading to customer satisfaction. 


Through various tools like Hubspot and Drift have made it much simpler to add chatbots to your site. You can even train your employees how to use it and create a pathway to help the customers with their queries. 




Whatever technique or strategies you use, make sure that the hotel agency partnership is a major part of your business plan. Build up an online presence in order to persuade more event planners. Book your own is one of such good platforms to know about the various hotel and their services. For more details, check out the site. 


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