A Beginner’s Guide to Indian Weddings

People are still getting married all across the United States. Many couples celebrate this special occasion surrounded by their loved ones, enjoying a day that marks the beginning of a lifelong relationship together. Weddings can be varied based on a host of factors.


Wedding in the Indian Hindu community, for example, are grand affairs, eventually coalescing into the union of two individuals who love each other. Steeped in the Hindu religion, and infused in Indian culture, attending these events might be daunting for an outsider not familiar with these traditions. Today we’ll provide you with a beginner’s guide to Indian weddings.

Dress Code


Different weddings come with different dress recommendations. On the wedding day, you want to make sure that your style of dress fits the requested criteria. Many wedding day events in the United States will require that you dress to impress. This might mean wearing a suit and tie ensemble, or maybe putting on a nice-looking dress. Other wedding ceremonies aren’t as traditional. There have been instances where people require that attendees come dressed in costumes from favorite movie franchises. In other cases, the wedding is a more casual affair, requiring little more than a pair of khakis, and a button-up shirt. In the case of an Indian wedding, things are going to be a bit more formal.


Many of the activities that occur during an Indian wedding are steeped in Indian culture, in addition to the Hindu religion. There’s a style of dress which is requested of any visitors who attend one of these wedding ceremonies in keeping with these cultural standards. For instance, women may be asked to wear Salwar suits for a wedding. These styles of wedding outfits are heavily embroidered suits that can be used for wedding ceremony wear. When it comes to the bride, these Salwar suits are often red or maroon in color. This attire serves the purpose of being a formal wedding clothing piece, while also celebrating the festive nature of such a situation. You can pick up such wedding wear through online stores like Fashion Vibes. You’ll find Salwar suits in a variety of colors for these special occasions. These suits also have fine embroidery, and can even come in a straight cut if needed. Do your best to make the best choice when selecting a Salwar suit or any other clothing choice for your wedding wear.

Food Choices

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Another thing you’ll have to be aware of at an Indian wedding will be the food. In many cases across the United States, many Indian couples have opted to go with a Western food menu. In other cases, wedding receptions still come replete with Indian food offerings. In some instances, this means that you’ll have to acclimate yourself to a vegetarian or spicy palate. Be prepared to clean crumbs off that stick on nail polish that you slaved over applying before the wedding party. At first, you might be a little miffed that your own nails, to which you applied intricate nail art or real nail polish, are getting a little food-stained.


You’ll soon forget about being upset once you taste the wide variety of traditional Indian food offerings being provided at the reception. Some of these dishes might include Paneer Pasanda with Corn Pasanda, Zafrani Pulao, Dal Bukhara, Dahi Bhalle, Dilli ki Chaat, and Aloo ki Tikki. Get those glitter bedazzled nails of yours messy with the many traditional Indian food offerings that you’ll find on a wedding day.



Hitting the dance floor at an Indian wedding party is going to happen. No matter if you weren’t blessed with rhythm, you’ll find yourself gyrating like a mad man or woman on the dance floor during these special occasions. There’s often a sense of theater at an Indian wedding, and dancing adds even more to this vibe. In some cases, wedding party members or guests might participate in Bollywood-style dances. The most popular dance is the bhangra, which is often set to Punjabi-styled music. Be prepared to step out on the dance floor when you attend an Indian wedding.

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