Best 5 tips to plan/advertise your event in IPL matches 

IPL is not only the biggest domestic cricket tournament, but it’s also very popular among Indian punters. And that’s why, in this IPL season, your goal, as a sports betting website, should be to attract more gamblers. For that, you might even have excellent events lined up. But do you know how to promote those events?


In this article, we will give you five tips to help you advertise your IPL betting events.

#1 Get Creative with the Event Name. 

When it comes to promoting your event, the most essential step is to get a creative name for it. After all, it’s the first interaction that potential gamblers will have with your sports betting event.


So while choosing a name, make sure that it’s catchy and related to your event. Also, make it simple so that enough people can understand the meaning.

#2 Design Event Posters. 

With the advancement in technology, most people look over more simple means of advertising like Posters. They think that posters can’t attract enough audience, which is completely wrong! According to statistics, around 18% of people who see a poster end up registering for the event advertised.


Posters are still one of the most effective ways to attract your target audience to your sports betting event. It’s an economical and long-lasting method to advertise your event. All you need to do is create a visually striking event poster that will leave a good impression on people. You can also include the names of the various IPL teams to attract their fans.

#3 Use the power of Social Media. 

Social Media Marketing is the real game when it comes to advertising your events. It’s a good way to attract both the younger and older generations of gamblers.


You can even take inspiration from other sports betting social media accounts and come up with unique content. You can make your account a go-to source for daily sports news so that more people follow it. Moreover, it should be trustworthy for people to move to your site and bet on their favorite IPL teams. 


You can include daily quizzes, betting preview videos, in-game strategies, etc., to increase your reach. It will further lead to people getting attracted to your sports betting events.

#4 Use your Affiliate Marketing strategies. 

Here, the idea is to have an affiliate group of trustworthy partners to advertise your event in exchange for a sensible commission. The main strategy is to get your targeted audience to check out your website and register for the event. 


It is an overall cost-effective and outcome-oriented method. And in the sports betting market, you won’t have any problem getting affiliates for your website. You can give them good deals so that your events are always in their top picks to advertise.

#5 Use Referral Programs.

Referral Programs are a great way to maintain customer loyalty. In the long-term, these customers can further help you recruit new users by promoting your website events. Here, you can use many things as incentives like free bets, bonuses, discounts, etc., to boost your event marketing.


Those were the five most effective ways that you can use to advertise your IPL betting events. Note that it’s essential to make the most out of any promotional activity that presents itself. So be creative while applying these strategies, and we promise that they will help you achieve your marketing goals.


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