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10+ Lovely Birthday Celebration Ideas for Boyfriend

After 2 months, I will turn 27. The things which make me excited for my Birthday is the enjoyment which I usually do on my every birthday. I usually received a lot of messages from many known and unknown Guys & Girls asking about Birthday celebration ideas for Boyfriend & Girlfriend. That’s why, I thought, why don’t I post a whole article in which I share some romantic and pretty Celebration Ideas of boyfriend birthday. But that’s a little unfair right? That’s why I’m also going to share Great Birthday celebration ideas for Girlfriend later on this article.

Until I turned 24, my previous birthday was just a boring lecture. I repeated the same things over and over again on my birthday, which are, watching movies, going out with my friend, cutting the cake, etc. And trust me, I have never been able to make some beautiful memories on my birthday.

But when I turn to 25, I learn some Working hack (Which I’m going to share with you) which helps me to make my boring birthday memorable.  If you are a girl and looking for some mind-blowing Birthday Celebration Ideas for your Boyfriend, then from now, you do not need to take any worries. My Simple but effective Birthday Celebration ideas for boyfriend will make you the queen of your boyfriend. On the other hand, if you are a boy and looking for Celebration ideas for your Girlfriend’s birthday, then scroll a little bit more Buddy.

I respect your love because of which you are here in search of some ideas through which you can make your Boyfriend’s Birthday memorable. For making it better, let me ask you something, Are you well aware of your boyfriend’s preference? If you are, then you are ready to go or if you are not, then don’t worry, “something is better than nothing”, my ideas will work for you too.

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Enjoy a long Bike trip

Boys love to go on a bike trip and you are the one who can make their bike trip more enjoyable. You learn a new way to look at the world when you go out without any reason. Don’t care about anything, just go out on a bike with your Boyfriend. This is the best way to be free from your regular life for some hours and know each other in a better way. You can also plan to visit a romantic and beautiful place like a couple’s garden or in a Peaceful place where nobody can disturb you.

Decorate his room romantically

I really loved to see my decorated room for my Birthday. The creativity and hard work, my girlfriend do decorate my room Just before I wake up, show me her real love. If you can visit your boy’s place, then just decorate His room as you want and surprise him before he wake.

Remember your old Memories together

Whenever something wrong happens in my relationship, I just remember the old memories when she just entered my life. And believe me, within just 2-3 minutes, I fall in love with her again. That’s moments are the real gem of our relationship and hope you also have such beautiful memories in your life. So why don’t you live those memories for one more time? This is the best idea to celebrate your boyfriend’s birthday. Just go to that place where you meet with him for the first time and purpose him as he did.

Spend time with him

For making his birthday magical, you need to be there. Spend your whole day with him is more than enough to make his birthday awesome. Not only on birthday, whenever you are with your Boyfriend, then that moments are best for him. Just in my case, whenever I’m with my future wife, those moments are not less than any occasion for me.

Let’s be romantic for a while

Just buy a sexy dress for yourself and surprise him when a sexy look. Tease him just like a professional and go naughty for some time. Fulfill his romantic wishes and make his day memorable for a lifetime. This is the best thing which you can do for him as his girlfriend.

Bake a cake for him

If you know how to bake a cake, then you can easily impress him. Cook a delicious dessert and bake a cake for his birthday, is the perfect idea for celebrating your boyfriend’s birthday. You should practice it before the date of your Boyfriend birthday. If you are ok with Cocktails then must buy a cocktail for his birthday celebration.

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Give him Heart touching present

It is not necessary to give him a costly birthday present, rather giving him something emotional and heart touching is more worthy. Finding such heart touching, emotional, and priceless gift needs patience, time & efforts. So, start to do this research from now. You can also show your creativity and make something for him with your own hands. As I remember, the last birthday gift which I received from my girl is a photo album in which she also adds some beautiful letters. I still have that present in my room and that present is my favorite. If you want to see that album, then you can comment on this post.

Promise to always be with him

Promises are the base trust. If you are really in love with you boy, just grab his hands, look at his eyes, and promise him that you are never going to leave him. Play a low sound classical music will help you to make this moment better.

Enjoy Peaceful nature for some hours together

Nature is the best way to be calm and forget the stress. On your Boyfriend’s birthday, go with him in the peace of nature where pleasurable bird voices melt your heart is a great idea. Just Become a child on this special day, play with kids, eat at the roadside & enjoy the moment are the best things you can try on his birthday.

Listen to your heart for a day

Unexpected turns are beautiful. If you go on a trip without a destination and planning, then you will surely learn many new things about life. On the occasion of your Boyfriend’s birthday, just let your boyfriend bring inside out. Your boyfriend also has some unfulfilled wishes which remain unfulfilled because of a busy schedule. Now, this is the best moment when you can support him to achieve his happiness.

Do some social work together

Inside peace is enough to make a bonding better and unbreakable. On this day, you can go out with your boyfriend for doing some good social work. It gives value to your relationship and adds some beautiful chapters in the book of your life.

10+ Pretty Birthday Celebration Ideas for Girlfriend

In comparison to Boyfriend, Birthday Celebration ideas for girlfriend are more beautiful and ethnic. Being a boyfriend, I understand the significance of my girlfriend’s birthday. That’s why I try my best to suggest your best ideas for celebrating her birthday. My Suggested ideas, will make your girl thankful to you for making her birthday better than her expectation.

Birthday celebration ideas for girlfriend

Hope you understand that Loyalty is much better than fake love. So, always try to be present in your girl’s birthday with your full mind and body presence. If your girl is really in love with you, then for her, how much money you spend on her birthday never matter, rather how much love you spread on her birthday matters. Never show her, fake smile, and gifts on her birthday. Just be real and do what you really want to make her feel special. My below-listed ideas help you to achieve the optimum fanfare on your girlfriend’s birthday & make her feel special. So, let’s get started with my first Birthday celebration idea, Go for a late-night dinner.

Go for a late-night dinner

Especially girls, love to go out for a late-night dinner. On the birthday of your girlfriend, you can plan to go out with her for a late-night dinner at a classy place. This is the most common way to start a romantic night but it is still effective to turn the mood on of your girl.

Shopping is best

Girls love shopping even in my opinion they are addicted to it. I’m suggesting you just start saving from now for your girl’s birthday. I’m not saying that every girl wants to spend their boyfriend’s money but I’m just suggesting to you. If you do not have any plan to do on her birthday, just go out shopping with her. In addition, you can also follow my rest birthday celebration ideas for girlfriend to bring more fun on her birthday.

Plan some romantic hours with her

You know more about your girl, you know more about her likes and mood. So just plan some romantic hours and make your room environment romantic. Arrange sweet music, spread flowers, and perfume in the room. Gift her a sexy dress etc.

Make her feel like a queen

Your girl must have some expectations from you which she never said. This is the best time where you can ask her politely about her expectation and make them real. Just be a gentleman and treat your girl like a queen.

Sense of humor

Keep your girl laughing, don’t make her feel lonely or stressed for her work life or for any other reason. On this day, keep a smile on her face. Do everything for her which she loved. Wish her, kiss her, and love her. Be available for her whole day.

Do some crazy things

Another best idea for celebrating your Girlfriend birthday is doing crazy things together. You can watch horror movies, go for a fun trip with meeting old friends, trying cocktails, etc. These funny childish things add more comfort in your relationship and make you more familiar with your partner.

Discuss your future with her

Girls love the loyalty of guys. If you are really in love with her, just hold her hands and discuss your future with her. She really loves it when you shared these things with her. This makes an emotional and trustworthy bonding between you both.

Put your phone down

When you are with your bae on her birthday, just put your phone off and pick only when necessary. Remove any disturbance and pay full attention to your girl. Just try your best to make her feel special for you.

Fulfill her crazy wishes

I’m going to share a secret hack with you which I learn from my girl. Girls have some hidden wishes which they never say openly. Wearing boy’s clothes, trying a sexy dress, etc. on your girl’s birthday, you can make her feel clam and fulfill her such hidden wishes.

Take interest in their Gossips

Women are always considered as a box of gossips & man never take interest in their boring gossips, which make the women anger on her man. Now it’s your girlfriend birthday, then you have to be very active with her. Take interest in their gossips and listen to her carefully.

Impress her with your qualities

Hope you also have passions and qualities like playing guitar, cooking, or dancing. Then now you have a golden opportunity to show your talent to your girl on her birthday. Just be relax and do something lovely for her.

I hope, you found my Birthday Celebration Ideas for the Boyfriend/Girlfriend helpful. Happy birthday to your loved once from Team Best event Planner. Don’t forget to follow us on our social accounts and do your valuable comments below.

Enjoy The Celebration!!!


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