10 Birthday Decoration Ideas at home for Husband {2020 Updated}

The day for which you are waiting for is finally around to come. It’s your husband’s Birthday and in my opinion, this day really matters for you. Am I right? So, let’s make this day special for your lovely Hubby together. I’m here with some Great Birthday Decoration Ideas at home for Husband which surely make your Husband Birthday WOW.

In true sense, your presence on his birthday is enough to make it a special one. But don’t let this birthday goes without any fanfare. Without planning and proper guidance, you never can celebrate an event to the fullest. You need a well-wisher who can support you to plan an excellent occasion and in this case, I’m that well-wisher. With my experienced and research, I promise you that with my Home decorating ideas for Husband Birthday, I’ll help you to throw mouth opening decoration. In addition, I’m also suggesting some great tips which work like a filter for your Decorating Mistakes.

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  1. Star String Lights

Star string lights decoration is in trend nowadays. In any event, which needs classy decoration, Star string lights are perfect decorating ideas for home. It makes your home look awesome in dark. In addition to star strings lights, you can try other shaped Strings lights according to your preference but I’ll suggest you go with Star Shaped String lights because it suits every occasion.

  1. Foil balloons & Curtains Decoration

Foil balloons and curtains are an incredible idea for decorating a home for birthday. And you can make it better by selecting customized Balloons which have Happy Birthday Printed. This is a simple but effective idea for making your home ready for your Husband’s Birthday celebration.

  1. Use banner for adding extra functionality

Multi-color banners are other decorating ideas for the home which you can try in your home. Plus you can choose beautiful message written Banners. This is one of the cost-effective ways to save money and doing excellent decorations at home.

  1. Air LED balloons for Ceiling

If you don’t want to miss a single chance to impress your husband and invited guests, then consider the ceiling of your home. This is the most beneficial part of your home which you can easily decorate with the perfect idea. Personally, for decorating the ceiling of my home, I usually prefer to use Air LED balloons which make my home’s ceiling lighting.

  1. Photo Clip Light strings

Photos work like a time reflector of memories. Hanging Lighting photographs are best for impressive decoration. You can hang your beautiful memories with your husband which makes him feel better.

  1. LED Letters for Home Decoration

LED Letters are all-rounder decorating items for every occasion. Especially in the case of Home decoration for birthday, this item is essential. You can use LED letters in different ways on different occasion and the best part is you not need to invest your many hours setting up it.

  1. Add Photo Props in Your Dress code

Photo props can make your dress complete. In the case of Birthday decoration, you can arrange several birthday related Photo props which make your party more professional and classy.

  1. Arrange Music Corner

Music makes things alive, have you want to visit a music-less party? I don’t think so. That’s why always prefer music as the most essential part of a celebration. You can also hire a DJ service according to your budget and preference.

  1. Decorate entry of your home

The entry gate is the first place where your guests will visit and as you know “The first impression is the last impression”. So try to decorate the entry gate of your home as best as you can. You can use several things like drapes, lighting, etc. for decorating your entrance.

  1. Decoration Drapes for the corner of your home

Don’t let the corner of your home undecorated. Because everything needs to be well decorated on your Husband birthday. Usually, colorful and beautiful drapes are the best idea for decorating the corners of your home where you cannot do such things.


Tips You Need to Care for Perfect Birthday Decoration

In Excitement, maybe you make some mistakes in decorating your Home for your Husband’s birthday, these mistakes are not small enough to ignore but big enough to make your whole decoration ruined. To protect your birthday decoration from getting ruined, here some tips available for your help.

  1. Remember to make a guest list first

Whom you are going to invite in your Hubby’s Birthday? Don’t let this guest list pending for later. Believe me that at that time, you are so busy in decorating your home & caring for other things. So, prepare your guests list as soon as possible So that, not even one guest misses your husband’s birthday celebration.

  1. Plan the theme and structure in advanced

Theme based Events looks really awesome and overcome your decorating mistakes in the party. That’s why I’m suggesting you go with theme-based home Decorations for your husband’s birthday.

  1. Invite the guests at the right time

In my opinion, don’t let any guest miss attending your Husband birthday. And for this, you need to invite them at the right time. The best time to sending an invitation to your guests is when 3-4 days were left on the occasion.

  1. Choose right-sized decoration room

Consider your home-sized and number of guests you are inviting. If you found that your home is enough in size for stays of your all guests, then just consider other Tips and if you found that your guests are more than the space available, then arrange a room ASAP.

  1. Use your husband’s favorite color in decoration.

Let me give you a hack that your husband surely loves, Try to add your husband’s favorite color in decorating your home. This will increase the elegancy level of your decoration.

In addition, to offer you great but simple birthday decoration ideas at home for husband, these tips were helping you in many ways. Even you can use these tips on any occasion not only on birthday home decoration.

I hope, you found my Home decoration ideas and tips helpful. Don’t leave the page without sharing it with your friends. Wish your Husband happy birthday From Team Best Event Planner.


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