You are currently viewing Impressive Dress Combination Ideas for Bride and groom for Adorable Looks

Impressive Dress Combination Ideas for Bride and groom for Adorable Looks

Want to try some unique Bride and groom Dress Combination ideas? If yes, then here we go. It can be any reason like marriage preparation or caring of guests because of which you are not able to focus on selecting the Best dress combination for the bride and groom. But we do not let you compromise with such important things in a marriage. We make your work simpler by collecting some brilliant Dress color combinations for the Groom and Bride. Finding the best combination of dresses is always the most tiring concern for every bride and groom. Because the wedding is a one-time chance to look like a king and queen in front of your families & we all want to use this chance very well. No one wants to wear odd dresses combination at their wedding. That’s why you need to choose your wedding day dress combination with collateral to the wedding theme.

Bride and Groom Dress Colour Combination is also important!!!

Just as decoration is important at a wedding, choosing the best colour combination of the bride and groom dress is also important. Usually, the Dress combination of bride and groom is pre-planned before the wedding with the mutual consent of both sides of families. In finalizing the dress colour combination, the major contribution is given by both the bride & groom. Because they are the ones who wear these dresses on the wedding rituals & its celebration. Selecting a color combination that suits you and your partner perfectly is a little bit tricky and difficult. Even, in other words, it needs creativity and experience to choose the best-suited bride and groom dress colour combination. If you select not matching color dress for you & your partner, then you will surely not feel confident in the wedding.  Imperfect color combination does not make sense to wear on our wedding day.

TIP – Always Choose the Colour which Matches with the Theme of the Event

So what will you do if you don’t have enough experience to select the best dress & dress color combination for the wedding? Then the answer is in this article. Here we come with the collection of best and evergreen dress & dress’s color ideas which suit almost every couple. For simplifying this article we will classify it in 2 main topics which are: –

  • Bride & Groom Dress Color Combination
  • Bride & Groom Dress Combination

Let’s start the first one.


Unique Dress Colour Combination for Bride and Groom

Marriage holds separate felling in everyone’s life. All of us always remember the sweet memories of our marriage. Even we also remember the color of the dress we wear on our marriage because it has great significance in our life. That’s why we always do high research on dress color selection. In simple words, we always choose the dress color that suits the bride and groom. How weird the moment becomes if you select the not-matching & non-sense color dress at your wedding. It really becomes the worst experience of our life. Hope you all not want to experience such a moment in your life ever.


Light Pink Lehenga & suit

pink dress color combination ideas for bride and groom

Pinkish outfit combination will match the light color wedding theme. It is not a very common color combination which couples usually wear on their marriage. That’s why you both will look different from any other couple present theirs.  This dress color combination will really suit the bride and groom of the wedding and give them unique looks than the guest.


Dark reddish-purple lehenga & sherwani

dress colour combination ideas

Dark reddish-purple Dress Colour Combination is beautiful enough to make a couple beautiful who wear it. Even this colour match with most wedding themes. In every photo, you both will look very pretty together wearing such a nice color combination dress.


Printed Creamy white sherwani & lehenga

Printed Creamy white sherwani & lehenga dress color idea

Everyone loves to wear printed dresses. Whether it comes to wear such clothes daily or on some event. Even printed dresses look more attractive and impressive than simple plan colour dresses. Printed creamy white lehenga & sherwani combination can be a very good choice for becoming the ideal couple in the wedding.


Dark black context lehenga, blouse & sherwani

bride and groom dress colour idea

The black color is always considered under unique & descent colors. Most of us love to wear a black color dress because black show the class. It represents our classy & sexy looks. That’s why wearing the black context lehenga & sherwani on marriage is the best way to impress your guest. It suits both bride and groom of the wedding.


Mehroon Lehenga with light pink sherwani color combination

Mehroon Lehenga dress color combination idea

Mehroon color symbolizes the combination of calm & stability. This color is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. You can also try the color combination of Mehroon with light pink which looks beautiful together.

Wine colored lehenga and sherwani

Wine colour dress combination

Most of the adult love wine color. Wine colour has the power to attract people and catch attention. It also matches with the color of love that is red. So can try a wine color dress combination for your wedding.


Impressive Bride and Groom Dress Combination Ideas


Just like the color of dress matter the dress combination you choose also matter. So let discuss some Dress combination ideas for the bride and groom. It simply means that the outfit of the groom is to be matched with the outfit of the bride or vice versa. Finding the perfect pair of dress combination for a couple is very tiring work. It depends on the physical appearance of the bride & groom that which dress combination will suit them the most. Not only on them only, but even your selected dress combination also needs to match with the theme of the event. Don’t worry and take stress about it because now your get some brilliant ideas of dress combination. These ideas will help you a lot to select the perfect dress pair for the bride and groom.

Right Guidance is enough to get whatever we want. Even in finding the perfect dress combination for the bride & groom we also need some expert ideas. But keep in mind that all dress outfit combination is not always comfortable for you both. So, before finalizing your outfit combination just be sure that you both are comfortable or not. If you feel satisfy with the vibe given by that outfit combination then select it. Now let take a look at different dress combinations.

Lehenga & blouse with the same color coat for the groom

dress combination idea for wedding

You can also try this color combination of lehenga & blouse with the same color coat pant for the groom. In most of the Indian traditional weddings, the bride and groom follow this color combination of lehenga & coat.

Printed Lehenga for bride with printed sherwani for groom 

dress combination idea for bride and groom

If you want to try unique and different dress colour combination on your wedding, then printed lehenga & sherwani can be best for you. This color outfit will really suit you. It printed shades gives these dresses a next-level look.


Dark Red color gown with a darkish red-colored coat

Dark Red color combination dress idea

This color is very popular and trendy color for wedding dresses. The combination of the outfit of this color is an extraordinary choice for a wedding day outfit. You can also add any additional dark shade dress with this.

Pattern Lehenga & blouse for bride with same pattern kurta for the groom

Pattern dress combination idea for bride and groom

In current conditions, many patterns of dress are available on your wedding day outfit. But you need to select the pattern for your wedding day dress which is suitable for your wedding theme. And final that outfit combination which pattern designs suit your physical appearance also.


Dark silky green lehenga for bride with dark green sherwani for groom

Dark silky green dress combination

It is a very classical Indian wedding day combined with the texture color of dark silky green. It suits to every Indian wedding day theme. Their dark silky green texture gives them a magnificent look. That’s why this outfit combination is a favorite of most of us. And we are eagerly waiting to wear it at our wedding.



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