25 Easy & Simple Feet Mehndi Designs for Bride & Girls

feet mehndi designs for bride

What is more impactful Hands mehndi design or legs mehndi design? Some people consider hand’s mehndi is needed to be perfect while others consider foot mehndi more significant. In my case, I believe both mehndi is needed to focus. And obviously, if you are here, you also have the same mentality. So, here’s some selective … Read more

40 Full Hand Mehndi Designs for Bride or Dulhan

bride dulhan full hand mehndi design

A bride can never be considered as ready for the wedding without a mehndi design on her palm. On the festive season like a marriage ceremony, the significant thing is a Mehndi, and believe me, females would put a lot of effort into looking for full hand mehndi designs for the bride. That is absolutely … Read more

20+ Maharashtrian Wedding Dress for Couples, Groom & Bride

maharashtrian wedding dress

Luckily I have a Marathi friend in my life whose name is Prathit. And I really love his culture and get impressive vibes from him. I’m very much familiar with His custom & culture that’s why I can share & discuss some Maharashtrian wedding dress with you. Maharashtrian people are really serious about their customs … Read more

Necklace Designs for Bride: 30 Pretty WOW Looks Bridal Necklace Design

pretty necklace designs for bridal

Have you ever see a bride without a piece of jewelry? I don’t think it makes any sense, right? In reality, a bride without a beautiful Bridal Necklace Designs looks incomplete. That’s why there is nothing wrong to say that necklace & other jewelry of a bride is a part of her overall beauty. So … Read more