Décor Ideas & Tips to Host Baby Shower Celebrations in Lockdown

For all the expecting mothers, a baby shower can be a huge question during the ongoing pandemic. The pandemic has required everyone to maintain social distancing, it might be stressing to think of not celebrating your baby shower. This does not mean that you can not throw a baby shower at all. An expecting family can think of throwing a stunning baby shower celebration even in lockdown. We know that planning a perfect baby shower can be a daunting task for you with limited resources and guests. Don’t let the condition get you down. 

You had a dream to throw a baby shower. You might have planned so much for everyone and then there comes the LOCKDOWN and this leaves with you a huge question. Even though there is still a stay-at-home order for you, you can plan a memorable baby shower at your home and adorn the spacious party space at your house with gorgeous baby shower decorations! Let’s first give you some tips and ideas for hosting an amazing baby shower celebration even during lockdown that would make the day a special one. We have clubbed some of the amazing ideas for you below which will for sure welcome your baby more beautifully.

Hosting Tips for Baby Shower

  1. Virtual Baby Shower Party

While we all know that a virtual baby shower won’t center around meeting and greeting physically, it can be best during lockdown for safety. Attendees will be certainly welcomed to celebrate you and the baby from afar. Decide on a platform to connect with anyone as there are so many options such as ZOOM, Google Hangouts, and Skype. Stick with something which everyone finds easy to use and are confident about!


  1. Send E-invites

Next, it is time for you to send out invitations! To keep with your virtual baby shower idea, stick with sending e-invites. If you have someone who knows designing e-invites then it can be a cherry on the top or else several apps can manually make one for you.


  1. Menu of the Day

Food is another essential for hosting a party be it physically or virtually! Take a break from all your chores and homemade food. You can order online from Zomato and Swiggy safety during the lockdown. If you still are not sure enough about safety and prefer homemade food then that can also be done. Get the help of your family member and try preparing something special that everyone loves.

  1. Music and Décor

No matter your party is going to be hosted virtually, it does not mean that you can not have fun! Music is one of the best things that can uplift any boring party. You can play music in the background so that your virtual guests also enjoy it. Now comes the decoration part! Do not let the condition let you decide to quit baby shower decoration! Choose a particular theme for the decoration and pick all the essentials needed for accentuating your room. For your easiness, you can purchase all cool and amazing party favors from NJ party Shop during lockdown!


  1. Attire and Party Accessories for Expecting Parent

It is obvious that your might have planned so much including your clothes for the day and this lockdown might be a spoiler. No worries! There is still an opportunity for you to look best no matter it’s celebrated at home. Dress up your best and also pair up with some party accessories such as tiara and sash for the lady of the day and a badge that reads “DAD-TO-BE” for the soon-to-be father.


  1. Cake for the Special Day

The cake is the soul of every celebration. Do not just miss this out. If you are good at baking, try it at home or else get it delivered from bakeries as well. Try adding cake toppers to enhance the cake look and add fun to your celebration.


Styling Tips for Baby Shower

  1. Decoration That Goes Well with The Theme

Themes play an essential role while hosting any celebration. A baby shower is considered the most auspicious event to honor the expecting parents and the to-be child. To celebrate the day, go for a unique theme that does not only looks good but remains a thing to gossip about! From gender-neutral themes such as pegga pig and minion to gender-specific themes, there are huge options that you can opt for!


  1. Create Your Baby Shower Timeline with Photo Calendar

Another essential element for enhancing the baby shower decoration can be the addition of a photo calendar that shows the journey of the expecting mother’s pregnancy. Try to get pictures of every month reflecting how soon the baby is about to arrive. Capture the best moments to add to the calendar and make the baby shower decoration a memorable one.


  1. Nothing Goes Wrong with Balloon All-Around

Balloons are MUST have for any celebration and this is the reason why there is no chance of missing it on baby shower! To enhance your baby shower decoration at home, shop for baby shower balloon combos from www.njpartyshop.com during lockdown to get quick delivery. You can go for foil balloons, latex balloons, confetti balloons, or even some special baby shower-themed foil balloons too!


  1. Memorable Baby Shower with Stylish Rosegold

Rosegold colors are so much on trend nowadays that incorporating these shades for baby shower decoration at home can be the best idea. Go for all rose-gold themed baby shower decoration combos available at www.njpartyshop.com. You will fall in love with their collection and on-time delivery even during this time!


  1. Welcome the Baby with Banner

A banner speaks a thousand words and wishes you the in the best way. Do not forget to get banners for your baby shower according to your theme to enhance the baby shower decoration at home. From paper banners to foil balloon banners, there is a range of designs and colors that you can select.


  1. Insta-Worthy Pictures with Photo Booth Props

Nothing seems joyous than the addition of photo booth props. The addition of props does not only add fun but also adds a stunning backdrop for your celebration. These baby shower party supplies are best for insta-worthy pictures and make some amazing fun time together while hosting a virtual party. 


  1. Glam Up Space with Swirl Decoration

Swirl decorations never go off the trend as they look gorgeous for any party decoration. Go for swirls that pretty match your party theme and adorn your ceiling with them along with baby shower balloons and lights.


  1. Cover Up Empty Walls with Foil Curtains & Lights

Your empty wall might need a revamp! Cover your empty walls with shimmery and gorgeous foil curtains. Selection of color of curtain can be done according to your theme and preference. Also, add some fairy lights to make your entire decoration worthy!

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