Complete Destination Wedding Guide: Plan, Cost, Destinations, Mistakes

If you have decided to plan a destination wedding, then there can be many questions that may arise in your mind. Like how to plan a location wedding, what is the best location for the wedding in India, what is the budget for your wedding, etc. Planning a beautiful destination wedding can be very stressful for you if you don’t do it properly. For helping you out in planning the best Destination wedding, we are here with a complete Destination Wedding Guide. From start to end we will discuss every aspect of your wedding to make it best. We know that being an ordinary person, planning a perfect wedding at a specific location is a little bit difficult. But with our Destination wedding guide, you can plan a mistake-free destination wedding.

A destination wedding is like enjoying your wedding in an exotic and hot location which is far away from your home. The sound looks great, right? It is. A destination wedding is the best way to make some magical moments with your partner in the perfect place. The craze and popularity for such kind of marriage are growing in the youth. And because of this increasing popularity, the number of wedding destinations in India also increasing. So, ready to plan a beautiful destination marriage in the best Cost-effective way.

How to Plan a Destination Wedding?

Planning a destination wedding needs experienced and awareness about several factors. So that you can plan the best location for your marriage. The wedding is going to be far away from your residential area, then the thing can be a little difficult for you. Because there you do not know anyone and everything is new for you. So need to be very careful while planning for your marriage at an unfamiliar location. Here we will help you to make a plan from start to end of your wedding ceremony. Follow our simple steps to make the perfect plan for your upcoming huge event.

Step 1. Choose the Exotic location

Well selecting the best location is the first step in how to plan a destination wedding and the most important too. Do enough research and consider every single factor related to the location. So that at reaching to the destination, you can arrange everything easily. Select a favorable location for you and your guest. And also care for the weather, date, and every arrangement in advance. The location should meet your & your partner’s expectations. You must have a person who is much familiar with the location & for it, you can book a wedding planner of that location. Even you need to visit personally to the location to see the whole environment in advance.

Step 2. Decide your budget

After deciding the location for your wedding, the second step comes to deciding your budget. You need to discuss with your family and your partner for deciding your budget. Keep everything in detail while deciding your budget like the cost of venders at the destination, the currency they accept, travel cost, etc. Later we will also discuss how to save money at a destination wedding.

Step 3. Make a list of your guest

Make a list of the guest whom you want to invite to your wedding and send them an invitation in advance. Because the destination wedding is done in a far place from the residential area, then most people will not come to attend your wedding. So keep the list of your guests short and do an arrangement for the limited number of guests. But first, you need to do an arrangement for the hospitality of your guest in an affordable hotel near the destination.

Step 4. Arrangements

After selecting your guest list now it’s time to make an arrangement list. Since you are unfamiliar with the location of marriage, then you need to hire a wedding planner of that location. So that you can arrange the vendors and hotel rooms for your guests. Also, care for your attire which is another big part of your event. Since there can be a chance where you need to compromise with your expectations. So, be ready for that moment. Because everything which you expect from an unfamiliar location doesn’t need to be going to happen.

Step 5. Considers the rules and regulation of the location

Make sure you consider every guideline of the location. Like their regulation for the tourists and local law for the wedding. Your wedding should be officially legal for the destination of your wedding. So that you and your guest will not face any discomfort. Once you are done with the above steps of how to plan a destination wedding, then now you are ready for the party.

How to save Money in a Destination Wedding?

Well, if you have a limited budget and want to organize a grand destination wedding then what will you do? We have the perfect answer to this question. You can use our Tips for saving money in a destination wedding. Since very few of your relatives were comes to attend your wedding but still, you need to plan it well. A destination wedding is always considered as costly and not affordable. That’s why most people never even think about this. But if you plan your destination wedding smartly, then surely you can enjoy a beautiful destination wedding on your budget. Not only this, even there are several ways to make your destination wedding cheaper than your expectations. And here we will discuss what they are and how we can use them.

Tip 1. Pick the affordable location

Everything at a destination wedding starts by picking the location. So the best way to save money and cut down the cost is to select the best location which is affordable and exotic too. There are several locations in India where you can plan the wedding in your budget. Later we will also discuss the best wedding destinations in India.

Tip 2. Consider important things first

Another best way to save your money in a destination wedding planning is to spend your money smartly. If you are on a tight budget, then you should be careful with your expenditures. Like most hotels that are near the location are expensive. For this, you can choose cheap hotels which may be a little bit far from the location. Even you can choose the hotels which offer you group discounts.

Tip 3. Plan honeymoon together

As you are already away from your home, you can plan a honeymoon trip too. This will save you an extra cost which you will spend later. The idea to get married and honeymoon at the same location is cost-effective. So choose your location where you will spend your honeymoon too.

Tip 4. Look for the best deal

The best thing which you can try to save your money in a destination wedding planning is keeping searching for the best deal. If you have decided on your location for the wedding, then keep searching for the best wedding deal in advance. As the date comes closer, book the best package.

Tips 5. Choose the nearest destination

While the destination wedding is all about selecting the best location. But if you want to keep it in the budget, you need to select the closest location for your marriage. Because there are several locations available, which you can easily found in the country and the best thing that they are wonderful.

Tip 6. Never go with the season

It is obvious than if you go with the wedding season then you have to pay more in comparison to other days. So if you want to give your budget a great cut down, just choose the date which is of offseason. And at offseason day you can easily get the best hotel and vendor in your budget.

 Best Wedding Destinations in India

At a destination wedding, the location is everything. Believe me, if you find your dream location in your budget there is nothing better than this. Every location has its traditions and trends for the marriage. Deciding the location for your wedding with your partner can be very time-consuming. That’s why we are here with the collection of best locations for helping you in the selection of favorable Wedding destination in India.  Luckily in India, you found several perfect locations for a beautiful destination wedding. Let us discuss some low budget wedding destinations in India.

Destination 1. Shimla

For providing you the pleasure of destination wedding in your budget, Shimla can be a good option. In Shimla, you can get every arrangement that you may need for the grand wedding ceremony. Hosting your wedding in Shimla cost you around 25 lakhs for 90 guests & 2 nights stay of the hotel.

Destination 2. Havelock Island

The beaches of Havelock Island make this location an ideal destination for the wedding. The scenario you are going to see here is much more beautiful than your highest expectation. Planning your wedding near to the sea is something beautiful. Even this location is also a great option for the honeymoon as well plus you can get every arrangement easily in Havelock Island.

Destination 3. Gujarat

Gujarat is an ideal choice for a royal wedding. If you want to make your wedding royal with traditional culture, Gujarat is for you. The Majestic forts of this place make it a lavish wedding destination. As very few hotels and resorts are available in Gujarat so your cost for a wedding in this place will be around 28 lakhs.

Destination 4. Khajuraho

Khajuraho is considered as the heart of MP. The cost of selecting Khajuraho as your wedding destination is only 10 lakhs for around 100 guests and a 2-night stay. In comparison to other wedding destinations in India, Khajuraho is perfect for you. Because this is not only cheap but beautiful enough to make you surprise. Its beauty is enough to make your wedding beautiful.

Common Destination Wedding Mistakes Which people usually do

In the current situation, every person is very busy in their life. They don’t stress on silly mistakes that can they make on their destination wedding planning. Even a destination wedding planner can also make some mistakes in Destination wedding. They aren’t able to look out all of the small mistakes which can happen on a wedding occasion. If a person spends their hard-earn money in their loved one’s wedding. Then they don’t want to take any risk for a single mistake. Because a small mistake can reduce the whole attractiveness of the event. So, to tackle these types of mistakes. Be prepared in advance & note down all of the stupid mistakes which can easily make your all preparation invaluable. That’s why we are giving you a small list of mistakes which a person can do while he was planning a destination wedding.

Mistake 1. Skip the Arrangement’s for Stay of their Guest

It is a very common mistake that everyone can make because they always busy with the outsider’s activities & skip this major part of the arrangement of stay of the guests.

Mistake 2. Inviting the guest a few days before the marriage

This is a very minor mistake that can be happening in destination wedding planning. It is possible sometimes when the destination venue is changed a few days before the marriage. Because of any unforeseen circumstances

Mistake 3. Not understand the value of local weather of Destination

This mistake becomes costlier for everyone if you don’t take care of the local weather of your destination wedding location. In the world have different weather at the different location our body does not digest the destination whether easily which cost to the illness of our guests & also harmful for us.

Mistake 4. Not consult with travel Advisor

Sometimes people skip consulting with travel advisors for the traveling of guests from home city to destination wedding city. It is very important to hire a travel advisor for handling your travel area of work. They make your traveling convenient & schedule your flights, Trains & cabs according to your occasion scheduling.

Mistake 5. Checking of necessary Stuff on Airport & etc

We are Humans, our specialty in forgetting our stuff at home whenever we travel from our home city to another city. That why it is very important to check the necessary stuff is taken or not. If the groom suits or bride dresses left at home. Then it becomes a very vulnerable situation for us to find the same suit or dress at another location. That’s why check your necessary stuff before departure.

Mistake 6. The time between arrival & wedding occasion

It is a very big concern to handle if it happens. If your arrival at your destination & time frame from the wedding is very less. Then you face many problems. Many of your guests are not settle & don’t come to your occasion because of less time. Because of less time, your occasion may be a delay.

Mistake 7. Hosting too many activities & forget about it is also a vacation

Don’t host too many activities at a destination wedding. Because too many activities make it an ordinary wedding. Destination wedding simply means necessary rituals taken out from home city to another city & enjoy the vacation period. So, try to finish them within time. Enjoy your remaining time in exploring the location where your destination wedding is hosted.

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