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Destination wedding vs Traditional wedding: A Detailed Comparison

Well, if you are here then no doubt that you want to know about which one is better at Destination wedding & Traditional wedding. The conflict on Destination vs local wedding trend is always high in people. Both the wedding style is perfect on different possibilities. Well, it totally depends on you which wedding type you prefer, but still, this article is going to suggest which one is better for you.

Here we will do a detailed comparison of all the factors which you can consider and decide which one suits best for you on different possibilities from both wedding styles. So, let’s get started with the meaning first.

 Meaning of Traditional vs Destination wedding

What is a Traditional Wedding?

Traditional wedding simply means you host all of your wedding functions & rituals within the geographical boundaries of your city or state. At a traditional or local wedding, you book a venue nearby your locality & host your wedding & other day function in that place. Usually, at a local wedding, most of the rituals are hosted at home.

What is a Destination Wedding?

On the other hand, at a Destination wedding, you host all your wedding functions outside the geographical boundaries of your state. In other words, a wedding in another state or country is considered as a Destination wedding. In India, there are many destinations where these types of weddings are hosted. Most of the people prefer destination wedding within India but some are willing to host the wedding outside India also.

Destination wedding vs local wedding: Which one is cheaper?

At a wedding, the cost is the main concern for everyone. That’s why here we will discuss the different cost factors of local and destination weddings. Here we will break down the entire cost factor which usually incurs in a wedding ceremony.

Traditional wedding

Traditional wedding style is always considered as the budget-friendly style of a wedding, actually, it is. That’s why a traditional wedding is the choice of most of the middle-class people in India. They just need to book a marriage venue nearby for the marriage day. While almost every wedding rituals are done at home in the budget. But still, with a great Destination wedding guide, you can plan a destination wedding in the budget of a local wedding.

Destination Wedding

Well, it is absolutely right that in comparison to a local wedding, this wedding style is more costly and there are different factors which are the reasons behind the high cost of a destination wedding. But with this wedding style, you get inspiring enjoyment which you will never achieve in the local wedding trend. And the best part is that with some guidance, you can plan a genuine destination wedding with a low budget also. Usually, the destination wedding is preferred by high profile people. Let’s take a look at different factors that incur a cost at a wedding.

Transportation Cost Comparison 

Transportation Cost Comparison  in location and local wedding

Transportation cost in Traditional Wedding

A local or traditional wedding does not need any transportation facility because all the wedding function is nearby to your location. Still, if we considered that some transportation will use at a local wedding than it will cost very less.

Transportation cost in Destination Wedding

On the other hand, at a destination wedding, everything is depending on successful transportation. Because hiring a transportation vendor is a must for taking the wedding guests from home to the wedding location. The cost of transportation can be different but still, it is very high in comparison to a local wedding. That’s why in most of the destination wedding cases, guests will pay for their transportation.


Hospitality Facility for the wedding guests

Hospitality Facility for the wedding guests

Hospitality in Traditional Wedding

In a wedding ceremony, you need to make arrangements for the stay of your guests. If a huge number of guests were coming over to your wedding then you need to book a hospitality vendor that is nearby to your marriage location. While your guests are fewer then you can make the preparation of your guest in your house also.

Hospitality in Destination Wedding

In a Destination wedding, Hospitality is one of the most important aspects to consider. All of your marriage function is hosted on another destination. That’s why you need to book a hotel or hospitality partner nearby to your designated destination wedding location. Sometimes your destination wedding planner vendor also provides you hospitality facility. Usually, in comparison to local wedding, the Destination wedding needs less hospitality space because very few of your guests were come to attend your wedding at that location. But still, hospitality in an unknown location can cost you much higher than a local wedding.


Finding Vendors for different services

Finding Vendors for different services in destination and traditional wedding

Vendors in Traditional Wedding

Finding trustworthy wedding vendors is another most headache for a wedding family. It is obvious that finding a reliable vendor in your locality is easy because you are familiar with everyone there. That’s why In the case of a local wedding, we don’t need to take any burden for finding a quality service providing vendors for the wedding.

Vendors in Destination Wedding

On the other hand, finding reliable vendors on an unknown location is much difficult. Even it is nearly impossible to arrange all the requirements in an unknown place without the help of any relatives who already live there. If you have any relatives who already live in your wedding locations then it will be very beneficial for you. But if you don’t have any such relatives, then need to be careful and selecting everything with proper research. The cost of vendors may vary from the cost of vendors in your locality. Do proper research on them and consider their reviews on quality are the best ways to find a reliable vendor in an unknown state.

Difficulty in finding proper & complete Wedding Package


Wedding Package in Traditional Wedding

Planning a wedding in your nearby location can be done at the best price by hiring a wedding package. If you are planning to do your loved one’s wedding as a traditional method in an area like Delhi. Then you have many privileges in finding the Wedding planner in Delhi according to your needs. For a traditional wedding, you can book the whole wedding planner or book all the services individually without any difficulty.


Wedding Package in Destination Wedding

Finding a destination wedding package will cost you much higher than the local one. Even you have to pay more for adding any extra demand in your catalog. Usually, a destination wedding package will cost you according to your wedding destination and number of days. Booking individual services is almost not possible in most of the wedding locations.

Food & Beverages in Location weddings vs Local Weddings


Food & Beverages in Local Wedding

In a traditional wedding, the cost of food & beverages is very less. Because you are familiar with everyone there and can easily found a pocket-friendly Food vendor for your wedding. Even you can easily bargain for food & beverage items according to your need.

Food & Beverages in Location Wedding

Food & Beverage cost is much higher in the Location wedding than the local. Usually, on an out of state location, food and beverage prices are much higher. The cost of food & beverages at a destination wedding is slightly higher than the normal cost because of the surrounding of destination wedding places.


Honeymoon in Local Marriage vs location Marriage

Honeymoon in Local Marriage vs location Marriage

Honeymoon in Traditional Weddings

If you go with a traditional wedding, then you have to spend a great amount on booking of honeymoon place & huge traveling expenses according to later. In which you need to first finalize your honeymoon place mutually & read all the facts about that destination where you want to go on a honeymoon.


Honeymoon in location weddings

On the other hand, if you choose the destination wedding style, then you have a plus point & the plus point is you can spend honeymoon time in the destination state. In simple words, the most beneficial point of a location wedding is its honeymoon facility. The couple usually chooses a honeymoon package with a destination wedding to decrease the additional charges of honeymoon which they later spend. Hosting a location wedding is very costly but you can make it in the budget by planning a honeymoon and wedding together at one location.


Wedding Attire in Local wedding vs Location Wedding


Attire in Local Weddings

Types & combination of wedding attire is just like some theme party. You don’t have so many choices for your wedding day. At a local wedding, the wedding attire cost is depending on your preference. And it can easily come in budget.


Attire in Destination Weddings

As destination weddings occur at a known location, so you need to consider the dress tradition of that country. Usually, your wedding day attire is collateral to your location wedding place. Like if you are hosting your destination wedding nearby to a beach then you select some beach type wedding day attire and it will cost you more than the local wedding’s attire.


Elegance & royalty comparison of Local and Destination wedding


In Traditional Wedding

As most of the Weddings were occur in their locality, the only way to make your wedding memorable for everyone is through spending a great amount in the marriage. That’s why in comparison to location marriage, Local wedding is considered as less classy and royal wedding type.


In Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a symbol of royalty. High profiles peoples always consider location wedding as the first choice because of its royalty and elegance. Normal people do not have a huge budget to do a location wedding without perfect planning that’s why a destination wedding always is classified as royal, imperial & classy wedding type.



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