10+ Adorable Diya Decoration Ideas for This 2020 Diwali

Well, 2020 Diwali is on the gate and ready to come in and I guess you still don’t have any Suitable Diya Decoration idea, Right? Don’t Worry Anymore. In this article, I’ll share some wonderful and eye-catchy Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali. I bring all these Ideas from newspapers, magazines, and other sources just for you, all these ideas are unique and perfect for bringing New Lightening in your home. A nice Decorations with Diyas can make you feel relaxed and free from your stress, for this, you need the guidance of an expert like me.

Diwali”, My All-time favorite festival. Honestly, I don’t know why I love Diwali Occasion, Maybe because of its Positive vibes, anyways, lets come to point. If you’re also a Diehard fan of the Diwali Festival just like me, then obviously you’ve many plans for this Diwali. In My opinion, then the best thing which you can do in this 2020 Diwali is decorating your home naturally with Diyas. If you want to know why you should prefer Diyas over lighting, then Read This.

Decorating Diya for any occasion especially for Diwali is a traditional Ritual. Especially in India, Diya Decoration has great significance in the heart of Indians. But as time Become Modern, you need to do some customization in old styles. This is what, this article is about. Here you get some Modern Diya Decoration Ideas that meet up with your Decorating needs with consideration of traditional Mixture.

  1. Painted & Patterned Diya Idea

Show your creativity, grab the paintbrush and covert the normal-looking Diya into the masterpiece. Painting on Diyas and making patterns on it needs practice and skills. So, start your practice from now. As this is the natural way to make a Diya looks beautiful & unique.

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  1. Hanging Diya Decoration Idea

Hanging Diyas with Ceiling is another great idea you can try this Diwali. It spread the lightening of Diya in a better way in the environment.

  1. Glass Diya Idea

Decoration Diyas with Glass is in trend. It looks very traditional and attractive. You should try this for decorating your Diya in a new style.

  1. Diya with Candle Combination

For making your Diya adorable, you can use it with beautiful and Diwali candles. The combination of Diyas with Small exotic candles is unbeatable. Try this combination on Diwali is perfect for you.

  1. Wall Diya Stand Decoration

In the market, you easily found many walls stand for Diya with unique and attractive design. You can use them to make your Diya eye-catchy.

  1. Beautiful Rangoli with Diya

Have you ever use Diya with rangoli for the Decoration of Diwali? I think so.  This is the best pattern of decorating a place for the Diwali celebration.  A combination of diyas with a beautiful and creative Rangoli, increase the adorability of Rangoli to 20 times.

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  1. Diya Diwali Light strings for Decoration

Why don’t you add a mixture of traditional with Modern Decoration style? Yes, you can. You should use Diya shaped Diwali lightning with Diya for decoration of Diwali. It looks more beautiful and better than your expectation.

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  1. Fragrance Spreading Diya

In the market, a new Fragrance spreading Diya also launched recently. This idea is perfect for you which you can try this year. Its sweet adorable Fragrance spreads in the environment and gives positive vibes.

  1. Shadow Lamp with Diya Combination for Diwali

Last year I tried a new thing for Diwali decoration of my home with Diya. And you know what, everyone will love this gift. A Shadow Lamp Diya is a perfect decorating item for Diwali, on my experienced bases, I recommended you to try this for once.

  1. Shell Shaped Diva

Shell shaped Diya is another great and my favorite Diya décor idea which I tried last year on Diwali. It looks really beautiful and unique and perfect for making a normal Diya into a priceless Décor item for Diwali.

  1. Matki Shaped Diya Decoration

“Matki shaped Diya”, the best thing I found in this Designed Diva is its beautiful creativity. I love this item and must try this for decorating my home in this Diwali.

For making your Diwali Decorations Mistakes free, let me suggest you some tips which you should consider while decorating your home with Diyas.

Tips for Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali

That’s true that Decorating your home nicely for the occasion is essential, but don’t forget that there can be a chance you make some mistakes in the excitement of Diwali. As you know, there are many unwanted and unfortunate Incidents happens in India on Diwali every year. That’s why you need to keep safety in mind. Especially when you decorating your home with Diya, you need to consider some tips which give you better decoration experience with proper safety support. Now, let’s take look on them.

Consider the Position of Curtains

Well, I know you already considered this tip but still it my duty to repeat. You usually found many fire cases happen in India started from the burning of Curtains. That’s why always keep the Diya away from Curtains or any clothing material which can be burnt.

Put Diya at Upper Places

If kids are available in your Home, then this tip is a must for you. Always place the Diya at the upper place so that it cannot harm any kid. Plus putting Diya at upper places will make it more beautiful and spreading Good Vibes in the environment.

Brass Covered Diya at Doorstep

Mostly People place one or two Diya at their Doorstep, which can harm animals. That’s why you can be used Brass covered Diya to place at Doorstep which is both safe and beautiful. Brass covered Diya come in many variety and design and I left the selection on you.

Try to Put Diya at Corners rather than in Middle

Except for Rangoli, you should add every Diya at the corners of the home. It will be safer for every family member. And placing Diya at the corner will make your walls look bright and beautiful.

If possible, use Artificial Diya also

I’m not saying that Original and traditional Diya is harmful to you but in some cases, you need to prefer artificial Diya rather than Original one. In the market, many Artificial Diyas come which look exactly like a handmade original Diya. You can prefer them also to maintain proper decoration and safety in your home.

Use 2-3 Diyas together for one place

On my personal experience, I’m giving you Idea to use 2-3 Diya together instead of a single one in decorating your home with Diya for Diwali. It looks more beautiful and noticeable. You can also add more customization for making it better.

Use Diya Stands

Another great thing available in the market which you must need to use is Diya Stand. You can buy these stands at very low prices easily.

I Hope My Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali are helpful for you. So, don’t forget to do comments and share them with your friends. Also sMust follow us on our Social Accounts.

Lots of Diwali Blessings to you and your family from Team Best Event Planner.

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