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Why Choose Diya for Diwali Decoration?

In India, so many festivals are celebrated every year. Out of all festivals celebrated Diwali is a very important festival for every Indian. Because it is celebrated in this significance of triumph good over evil. The story behind the celebration of Diwali. It is celebrated in the memory of the story of King Rama returning to Ayodhya after defeating Ravana in Lanka & after completion of their 14 years Vanvash by the lighting of clay lamps. In today’s time, we call lighting clay lamps as Diya. 

The significance of Diya is to produce positivity & magnetic changes in the atmosphere. So, the one question is arising due to heavy pollution in our country & locality. The question is whether the burning of Diya on Diwali is Safe & whether they produce so much pollution or not. The simple answer to the question is that it does not produce as much pollution as firecrackers produce. But one thing is that the use of cotton or oil in it produces a very minimal percentage of pollution which is not harmful to any human being on earth.

There are two types of Diya’s which are available in the market. One is natural Diya & one is Synthetic Diya. Both are good but have some cons also. Synthetic Diya is available in various designs in comparison to natural or handmade Diya. But synthetic Diya may produce more pollution in comparison to natural. That’s why Natural Diya is best & also shows the creativity of our culture. Checkout amazing Diya Decoration Ideas for Diwali

Features & Benefits of Burning of Natural Diya on Diwali

  • Burning of Diya is safe Because they don’t produce so much pollution in comparison to firecrackers.
  • Clay Diya is also a handmade product. It shows the creativity level of our Indian culture.
  • Burning of Diya Shows faith & devotion toward our Indian culture.
  • It also shows the lighting spirit in our soul & symbolize peace.

Some Safety Tips for Burning Diya on Diwali

  • Use quality oil & cotton while making for burning after Laxmi Pooja completes.
  • Place the Diwali Diyas at that place where the risk of fire is very low or completely zero. Because a small fire can spoil your Diwali Festival. So, Be Careful.
  • Place your Diya’s a little far from the paper products & from clothes also.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher at your home is best. If not then you can purchase for your safety. It is an additional thing for your overall safety.


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