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Gift Ideas for Boss

Gift Ideas for Boss: 20+ Inspiring Gift ideas for Male/Female Boss

Well, you are planning to give gifts to your boss. It really looks cool to give some practical gifts to your lovely boss. But any unique idea is not coming in your mind, right? Then don’t worry. Just Keep Scrolling and get some amazing ideas or if you have restriction of time, then click THIS LINK to directly go to the ideas. Honestly, I hate my boss. But when it comes to looking for the best gift ideas for the boss, all of my officemates will treat me like a Box of Pretty Gift ideas for Boss.

As I said, my gifts are the best & better than everyone’s gifts. You know why? Because I really have some thoughtful ideas of presents which make my boss impressed. And here I’m going to share all my ideas with you. So grab your coffee and be ready to become the ideal of presents in your office. For suggesting a better idea, I have shared my ideas in 2 main categories. The first one is gifts for male boss & another one is a gift for a Female boss. But before we directly move on the gift ideas, let me make your selection more clear by offering some helpful tips.

Tips for Selecting Best Gift for your Boss

Have you ever given an exam without preparation? I don’t think so because it doesn’t make any sense.  Just like it buying a gift without considering some useful tips doesn’t make any sense. If you really want to buy a precious gift which is better than others in a cost-effective way, then you need these tips. Understood? Now let’s move on our first tip.

Tip 1. Choose a Message giving a gift that represents a sweet message for the recipient.

Tip 2. Wrap the item impressively.

Tip 3. Use something related to their past life like writing their pet name on the card.

Tip 4. Imagine yourself at the place of the gift recipient.

Tip 5. Try to give them small more than large ones. Like instead of giving them one precious gift, you should prefer to give them inexpensive three or four gifts.

Tip 6. Try to add something which makes them laugh

Tip 7. Take advice from the person who knows your boss better.

Tip 8. Check out their social accounts to getting more ideas about their likes.

Brilliant Gift Ideas for Male Boss

It doesn’t matter what it is the reason because of which you are giving a gift to your male Boss. Our gift ideas will work perfectly for all reasons. In other words, the suggestion which we will give you will print some beautiful imprints on your boss’s heart. Believe me or not, selecting the best gift for your male boss is one of the most tiring jobs to do. And it becomes more difficult and tiring when we want to give something different which is better from others, comes under the budget & the most important, it will give a positive impact on your Male Boss.

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But be thankful for your luck that you have a male boss. Because in my opinion impressing your male boss is much easier than the female boss. You just need to gift ideas that will touch them inside no matter how much cost it is. You have to select the gift that reflects your respect towards him and done, you choose the best gift for your boss. Usually, most of the men would prefer useful gifts over expensive presents. So, try to select the gift which comes in use for your male boss instead of just a costly showpiece. Here some ideas which I would like to prefer for my male boss.

Fancy Accessories & Pen Stand for Office Table

Accessories & Pen Stand boss gift idea

Give a pen stand as a gift is an old trend. In today’s scenario, a solo pen stand with no other features is not enough for you. In the market, there are many types of pen stands that come with numerous other features also. So select the best one which you think suits perfectly on your male boss’s office table.

Portable pillow for travel

Portable pillow for travel gift for boss

If your boss is a traveler and usually goes on trips for business purposes then giving them a portable pillow is a great way to impress them. As I’m pretty sure that nobody in your office will ever guess this gift item. It makes your boss’s trip more comfortable and peaceful.

Royal Mobile Phone Holder

Royal Mobile Phone Holder boss gift

You usually found that your boss is looking for their mobile phone which is lost somewhere in the office, that’s very common. Because of the office work or meetings your boss will miss placing their important things. Maybe you do not believe in me but it is true that cardholder is the most useful gift which you can give to your male boss. Because it will make their mobile phone fix at a place and they will never look for it again. As mobile phone holder comes in different variety, so try an eye-catching holder to buy for your boss.

Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Sleeve gift

Guess the most precious thing about your boss which they always have? Yes, this is their laptop. For the security of your boss’s lappy and showing him your caring nature towards their stuff, you can gift them a beautiful laptop sleeve. It is totally up to you which laptop sleeve you prefer to choose as your boss gift.

Keychain Data Cable

Keychain Data Cable gift idea

It’s very hard to carry a data cable all the time with yourself. That’s why most of the people carry keychain data cable with themselves. Choose a reliable brand of keychain data cable and give it your boss as her gift. It will make their work easier. You can also choose any other kind of keychain which is connected with any other useful product.

Adjustable Laptop Table

Adjustable Laptop Table gift idea for boss

We all know how crucial a laptop is in our life. This essentialness makes a laptop table a good gift idea. Even nowadays very modern looks & incredible featured laptop tables come in the market. Select the right one as per your budget and give it to your boss.

Grooming Hamper

Grooming Hamper boss gift idea

In the market, there are many types of grooming hamper available for both males & females. Choosing a grooming hamper for a female is a difficult job to do. But for males, you can easily choose the best grooming hamper. Give a classy grooming hamper to your male boss, it will make them happy.

Classy Formal Suit

Classy Formal Suit male boss gift

Males love formal suits. But this idea will never be perfect for you if you don’t know the proper body measurements of your male boss. So if you are perfectly aware of the measurement & favorite color of your boss, then you can go with this gift idea otherwise choose another one.

Miniature Table Top Pool Set

Miniature Table Top Pool Set boss gift

If your boss loves to play pool games, then this mini pool game set is the best gift for your boss. Choose a portable Tabletop pool which he can easily store anywhere. I’m sure that the Miniature Tabletop pool set is a unique gift idea for the boss which you never tried before even nobody in your officemates also.

Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf

Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf

Zigzag Corner Wall Mount Shelf is a trending gift idea & the best thing in this gift item is that it looks very expensive but comes under a limited budget. So if you don’t want to spend huge money on your boss’s gift, then you can try this adorable item.

Hexagon Shape Floating Wall Shelves

If your boss cabin have huge space, then instead of the Zigzag corner wall mount shelf, you can prefer this item. It looks more attractive, eye-catching, and stylish. It also comes under the same prices as the above one.

Hexagon Shape Floating Wall Shelves gift for boss

Lovely Gift Ideas for Female Boss

Unlike male bosses, choosing a gift for lady bosses is a little bit difficult. As a hack, I’m telling you that try to choose the gift which will be in front of your lady boss’s eyes all the time. So that whenever they look at your presents, they will be thankful for you. It basically improves your image & perception in your boss’s sight. Keep your bonding & frankness with your boss in mind when you are selecting a pretty gift for your female boss. It will make it easier for you to choose the right present.

Being honest with you I’m pretty sure that your officemates will make the boss’s gift selection more difficult for you. So be sure that you do not discuss gift ideas for your boss with your clerks. Believe me, a gift is considered precious on the basis of the feelings, not on the basis of its cost. So, always try to pick up the gift which will connect emotionally with your female boss and we all know that in comparison to male females will become emotional more quickly. So, let’s move on some ideal gift ideas which will make you star in your office.

Printed Mugs with Quotes on Boss

Printed Mugs with Quotes on Boss gift for female boss

Printed Mugs are in trend to give a gift to anyone. There are many types of printed mugs available in the market but you have to select the mug on which quote on the boss is printed on them. You can purchase theme mugs online & in offline local stores as well.

A Funky Desk Toy

A Funky Desk Toy gift

There are many types of desk toys that are basically used for making your working table look good. A funky Desk Toy can be considered as a good option to give as a gift to your female boss. It is very effective when your boss is a loving & funny nature person. This item looks simple but believes me it is still effective.

Gift Card

Gift Card for boss gift

If you prefer an online and modern approach, then this is the best idea which you can try. If you confused about giving something in a gift to your boss, then just simply buy a gift card form a famous store in your place. The gift card is trending nowadays and give a much better impact on the recipient in comparison to other physical gifts.

Classy Business Cards Holder

Classy Business Cards Holder as boss gift

Your boss always carries company business card with her which make them irritate sometimes. That’s why giving them a stylish leather business card holder is a good gift idea. It makes them remember about you whenever they exchange their card with anyone.

Maranta Plant

Maranta Plant for lady boss

Maranta is known as a prayer plant. This plant’s full name is Maranta leuconeura. If your boss believes in superstitious things. Then you can gift them this plant. This plant is small in size & portable to carry, it really looks so loving on your boss’s desk. And gives them positive vibes which make them thankful for you.

Wall Print for your Boss Cabin

Another best boss gift idea which you can try is a luxuries wall print. And you can also make it customized by adding some photos or quotes which are dedicated to your boss. It looks cool to gives such a type of impressive gift to your loved once.

Voice Assisting Gadgets

Voice Assisting Gadgets for female boss

Voice assisting gadgets are in absolute trend nowadays. Everybody falls in love with this type of gadget. It makes our work simpler and saves a lot of time that’s facility makes this a good gift stuff. In the market there are many types of voice assisting gadgets are available like amazon echo, amazon echo dot, google home, google home mini &, etc. just select the best one according to your budget and give it your female boss.

Deep-Sea Sand Art

Deep-Sea Sand Art boss gift

Sand art is a unique thing in the 21st century. Everyone is using modern gadgets & equipment. Then you came up with the gift of deep-sea sand art. This gift idea is unexpected for everyone. And because of its portable size and weight, your boss can put this anywhere.

Rotating World Globe

Rotating World Globe lady gift

I’m pretty sure, that your female boss will like this gift. It makes their desk look more professional. It comes at different quality and prices, so try to choose the best quality product because this item will be the pride of your boss’s desk.

These ideas are enough for you. Just select one or two of them and surprise everyone in your office especially your boss with an unexpected gift idea. I hope you find this article helpful. So, don’t forget to do your valuable comment and follow us on our social media accounts.




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