How to thoroughly clean your Bedroom

It is important to know how to best clean your bedroom like a professional. Since with busy work schedules, many people do not get time to do a thorough cleaning. It is wise to set time aside at least once a month to clean. This will help you clean the dust and grime that builds up, among many other bedroom cleaning to-do lists. The bedroom should not only be a relaxing place, but a clean space to sleep in at night. Some of the things that you will need is a vacuum cleaner, warm water, soap, disinfecting spray, clean rags, mop, and baking soda and other essential that you see fit. This article has tips on how to thoroughly clean your bedroom. 

Start a load of laundry 

Before you start working on your bedroom. It is vital, to start with your laundry so that the cycle runs as you clean. This is not just your dirty clothes, but your comforter, bed sheets, pillowcases, and the mattress cover that protects your best cheap mattress UK. Plus, have a routine of washing the bedspreads at least once a week or once per two weeks. If you have down or down alternative blankets, use a machine to wash and dry them in the dryer. Remember to set the machine temperature low and add a tennis ball to the dryer as it helps plump it as it tumbles. Every 30 minutes, stop the cycle, break up clumps with your hands, and allow it to run until it is completely dry. 

Clean your pillows 

Cleaning your pillows is important and not just changing the pillowcase. Aim to clean your pillow every six months or every two months if you have allergies. If you have foam pillows or feather down pillows, hand wash them with soapy water and air dry outdoors. Fabrics like nylon, cotton, and other synthetic materials clean them in the washing machine. Use hydrogen peroxide for killing germs, best cheap mattress UK, and baking soda to get rid of the smell. Depending on the machine, you need to know how to put your pillows. Front-loaders wash one pillow at a time and for the top-loading machine, stand your pillows and support with towels on each side. 

Clean storage and surfaces

Dust all furniture, surfaces, door frames with a clean damp cloth. As you dust, start with the highest surface moving down to avoid dust getting on items that you have already cleaned. Vacuum folds of your mattress, using your vacuum crevice tool until it becomes clean. After flip over your mattress to help it wear out evenly. Next, dry clean or wash your curtains according to the care instructions that they have or dust them with your vacuum’s hose attachment. Remove your clothes from the closet and vacuum well using the crevice tool to clean all corners as you wipe shelves with a damp cloth. Before you return your clothes neatly, wipe the inside and outside of bureau drawers. 

Wash walls and windows 

Dust is not only present in dressers and side tables but also coats walls, window sills, and ceiling fan blades. Use a cotton mop to dust corners and walls and remove cobwebs from top corners. To clear dust from your heating and air conditioning vents, try vacuuming them. An old pillowcase will come in handy to remove trapped dust as you wipe the surface with a damp cloth. And use a glass cleaner to polish the window and soapy water with a microfiber cloth to wipe window tracks and sills. Do not forget your doorknobs and light switches by wiping them with disinfectant spray and cloth.

Finishing touches 

Clean the floors after all the above by first wiping the baseboards with a microfiber cloth and soapy water. Remove any rugs outside and dust them well and vacuum that area. Use the vacuum extension to clean under your bed. If you use a humidifier, mix with water and vinegar in equal amounts and allow it to sit before rinsing well and drying it before usage. As you do all these, remember to check your smoke detector if it is working well as it is important.


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