How to Write a Sister of the Bride Wedding Speech

It is an honor to be asked to make a speech during your sister’s wedding. You must make the honor to count for the people who will attend and for the memories of the wedding. Write the most captivating speech to mark the occasion. 

What if you have never been a good writer? The best dissertation writing services online will help you to draft the most interesting wedding for your sister’s occasion. If you insist on writing the speech, here are excellent tips to make the few minutes in the limelight count. 

Check samples 

Check the internet for samples of wedding speeches. Writing services offer draft speeches that you can emulate when writing your own. Draft your speech using the same structure as that of the samples available online and on other platforms. 

Video streaming platforms like YouTube also capture weddings where sisters make such speeches. Watch a few of these speeches to get an idea of how to craft your own. Though you do not copy the speech word for word, you have an excellent place to begin writing your speech. 

There are experts on speech writing specializing in such areas. They have materials online in the text as well as video format. Peruse these materials to help you draft the best speech. 

Address your audience 

The speech should focus on the audience and not your sister. While you might throw a few sentences her way, you need to engage the audience with your words and actions. It is their laughter and clapping that make the wedding more enjoyable. 

The audience will differ from one wedding to the other. Some weddings involve a handful of family members. It means that your speech will only touch on issues that the family members can relate to.

The audience may grow to include workmates and former classmates. Search for content that will suit the audience attending the wedding. Failure to consider the composition of your audience results in a flat presentation that no one remembers. 

Reveal some secrets 

Growing up with a sister is interesting. You do a lot of things that no one should know. You might know a lot more about your sister than your parents. It is time to let a few cats out of the bag.

Reveal the funny secrets like how she would sneak to meet the boyfriend to avoid being caught or how she almost became a nun. Put the secrets in a way that everyone will have fun. Use words that show appreciation for the transformation that your sister is going through.

Keep the secrets about your sister light-hearted and fun. Make your sister feel appreciated for growing up with you. You can also threaten to reveal more so that she insists on stopping you while the audience wants you to say more. Such scenes create a discussion and will keep the wedding alive. 

Make it punchy 

A wedding speech is not a moment to reveal statistics and make slideshows. It is time for the couple and their guests to have fun. The choice of a speaker is meant to add some spice to the event. Make it worth it. 

Filter interesting stories and jokes to tell the audience. The punch lines should be relatable for the audience attending the event. Avoid very personal jokes or those that only a few can understand. When it gets too personal, the guests in attendance feel isolated. 

Assert your place

Why did they pick a sister to make the speech? Assign meaning to the choice by asserting your place in the life of your sister and that of her family. For instance, you may insist that you are her small sister and will, therefore, still hang around her and call whenever you want. If you are the eldest, you can insist that she will be wearing the clothes you choose. Such banter makes the speech enjoyable and will form part of dialogues in the home years after the wedding. It is a way of reassuring the sister that she will remain a part of you. 

Keep it short

It is a wedding speech and not a scientific paper. Keep it short and punchy. Only say what you are supposed to say without giving too much detail. It should never go beyond five minutes. 

Make it memorable 

A wedding speech must be memorable. You are not just filling the space because the MC has nothing to say. People can sing or eat at peace without any speech. If you have to speak, it has to be meaningful and memorable. Prepare your punch lines and engage your audience so that they can hang on to every word you utter. 

A great wedding speech is both personal and public. Filter jokes and punchlines that your sister and the audience can appreciate. Prepare adequately for the presentation and keep it short.

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