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18 Indian Housewarming Gift Ideas to Make the Host Reminds about You

Wishing your friend for being able to buy His/her own house by saying a Simple congratulation is not enough. You need some surprising Indian Housewarming Gift Ideas, which will work as an icing on the cake for them. But the only matter comes, which gift will perfect for them, Right? This is what you get in this article.

In this article, I’m going to share some marvelous Indian Housewarming Gift ideas which I collected from various sources only for my readers. All the Gift Ideas, you will found on this page are unique, Better, and perfect for any couple who just moved to a new home.

If you’ve been invited to a housewarming party, then don’t let the chance miss to make them remind about you by giving them an awesome Housewarming Gift and in this, I’ll help you.

“Impression”, the thing which cost you high to own. Is it Means that giving your friend an expensive housewarming gift is enough to make a great expression of yours in their mind? I don’t think so. The worth of a Gift is defined with lots of factors, its cost is one of them only. That’s why the Ideal Indian Housewarming Gift ideas, I’m suggesting you are pocket-friendly gift ideas for you. And if you want more help & guidance about picking up a Better gift option, then Read This.

Picking up a Housewarming Gift for my friend (My Experience)

I know that this section of the article is optional to read but I think that adding my personal experience will help you to choose a better Indian Housewarming Gift. Anyways, if you have a short time, then you can skip this section and directly jump to my first gift idea by Clicking Here.

As I remember, the last 4 months ago. My friend Vicky invited me to his Indian housewarming ceremony and my girlfriend suggests me to get a gift for him. At that time, I release that selecting the right gift for the Indian Housewarming ceremony is really a tricky and exhausting work. I choose almost hundreds of gifts but rejected all of them for different reasons. Then I take advice from my MOM and I still feel thankful to her that just because of her advice I become able to select a beautiful Indian Housewarming Gift for my friend.

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After that incident, I research on finding a suitable gift for different occasions like Housewarming. Once I collected enough number of Gift ideas for Indian Housewarming. I write it down and posted it on the web, which is obviously in this article. Here’s my personal experience which is nothing but just an incident that happens with me related to the selection of a housewarming gift. Now let’s move to my Indian Housewarming Gift Ideas.

Decorating Wall Candle Holder

Decorating Wall Candle Holder - Housewarming gift ideas

For a new home, fancy Wall Candle holder is an awesome option. This Décor item is an all-rounder and looks really beautiful in almost every shaped home. It is in budget decor items that you can easily get from anywhere. Plus it comes in a lot of variations and designs, and this is totally up to you which one you choose. For helping you in the selection of a better option, I’ll give a link according to my preference below this post.

Mini Cannon Decorative Item

Mini Cannon Decorative Item -housewarming gift

If you want to get the best value for your money, then this Indian housewife gift idea is best for you. It seems classical, ancient, and most worthy to price. This epic design home decor item will definitely impress the host. This expensive gift comes at a much cheaper price than it looks, which makes it a suitable option for budget-restricted people.

Home Décor Wall Hanging

Home Décor Wall Hanging

Fancy wall hanging is another great idea for the Indian housewarming Ceremony. You will easily found a lot of options with different prices on Wall decoration, which you can choose to give to your friend. But must keep in mind that the wall decor product you choose, will suit with walls colors and shape.

UV Coated Framed Painting

UV Coated Framed Painting - Indian housewarming gift ideas

UV coated framing painting is an efficient and unique gift idea to give in an Indian housewife party. According to your budget, you easily found a suitable UV Coated Framed Painting. And as we know “A picture can speak thousands of Words”. With beautiful finishing and skillful work done on this type of painting make it an incredible and eye-catching gift.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

For gift purpose, giving a useful kitchen appliance is another great gift option you can try. Especially for the occasion of Housewarming, you could easily found many great kitchen appliances like a set of Teacups, bundles of fancy plates, etc.

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Door & Window hanging Bell

Door & Window hanging Bell - gift idea for indian housewarming

Door & Window hanging Bell is a widely used décor item that you easily found in almost every home. Because of its pleasurable and peaceful bell sounds, no one says no to hangs these fancy bells on their doors. Nowadays, many types of fancy and traditional Door hanging bells available in the market with different qualities like fabric, metal, wooden, etc. Giving a Royal and classy hanging bell which have pleasurable sound is the best Indian housewarming gift idea you can try.

Antique Canon Brass Music Showpiece

Antique Canon Brass Music Showpiece - indian housewarming gift ideas

A gramophone, which is made up of Brass is a unique and classical gift item, you can give as an Indian Housewarming Gift. Its versatile design and premium looks can easily impress anybody. For home & office Decorations, this musical Showpiece is just perfect.

Hexagon mirror wall sticker (Recommended)

Hexagon mirror wall sticker

A 3D Hexagon Mirror Wall sticker is a pocket friendly and exotic gift idea which you can choose to gift on any occasion. It’s a unique idea that easily not come in everybody’s mind. Because of its elegant design, I personally recommend you to go with this gift idea for getting a surprising impression from the host.

Classical Glass Wall Lamp

Classical Glass Wall Lamp - Indian housewarming gift ideas

You know what, once when I visited my friend’s home I found a glowing and adorable Glass wall Lamp in his wall. My eyes really stuck at its glowing and beautiful lightening. That’s why I add this gift option on this list. A classical and adorable Glass wall Lamp holder is another great gift idea you can try.

Laughing Baby Buddha

Laughing Baby Buddha - Indian housewarming gift ideas

Laughing Baby Buddha is a unique and impressive gift option. Its beautiful structure can easily make you feel relaxed. Its adorable quality and finishing make it a perfect gift option to giving on many events. On the basis of portability, stylish, fashionable & unique gift feature, a Laughing Baby Buddha is perfect.

Designer Wall Clock

Designer Wall Clock - indian housewarming gift

If you think that giving a Wall clock is an outdated idea, then you are totally wrong. Usually gifting a wall clock on a birthday or on any other occasion is the most neglected gift idea. But believe me, giving a wooden fancy Wall clock on Housewarming ceremony is a great option to consider. Choosing an elegant designer wall clock, surely impress the host and increase the adorability of the walls.

Fancy Candle Stand

Fancy Candle Stand

Fancy and traditional Candle stands are another great Indian Housewarming gift ideas that come at your pocket-friendly price and give an awesome impression to the host. A fancy and decorative Fancy candle stand will make a home more appealing, especially on the dinner table, placing a designer Candle stand makes an incredible combination.

Money Plant in Designer Ceramic Pot

Money Plant in Designer Ceramic Pot - housewarming gift

Personally, I think that for decorating a home, mini plant pots are perfect. That’s why you usually found flowers and plant pots in many homes. Usually, for decorating purposes, Money plants ceramic pot is the most ideal option. It’s a symbol of luck and makes the environment pleasurable. Even money plant is considered as a symbol of good health, wealth, and happiness in the house. On that basis, giving a beautiful and designer Money Plant in Designer Ceramic Pot as an Indian housewarming gift is the best idea you can try.

Wine Box Set

Wine Box Set

A premium quality Wine box set is another great gift item you can give in a housewarming ceremony. This is considered a Royal gift item that’s why it comes for little high prices, but still, for WOW impression, its cost is worth paying. With attractive and unique designs, anyone will surely love this gift in the first look.

Rajasthani Art Showpiece

Rajasthani Art Showpiece - Housewarming gift ideas

A handmade Rajasthani art showpiece is the signature of traditional art. Its beautiful eye-catchy looks make it a perfect present to give on any occasion. With different variations and prices, you can easily found the perfect Rajasthani art showpiece in your budget.

Handcrafted Smoke Backflow Cone Showpiece (Recommended)

Handcrafted Smoke Backflow Cone Showpiece - housewarming gift

Honestly, when I first look at this Showpiece. I really wonder about its beauty and creativity. This creative art & its Smokey Backflow waterfall is just wonderful. This premium quality comes at very low & pocket-friendly prices. Because of such creativity and budget-friendly price, I listed this showpiece on this list.

Antique Classic Sundial Compass

Antique Classic Sundial Compass - Indian housewarming gift ideas

Antique Classic Sundial Compass is an effective & classic Décor gift idea, you can give as a housewarming gift. A compass is an antique showpiece that is used to decorate the home. To giving royal feels in the home, this décor item is perfect.  

Fancy Wooden Key Holder

Fancy Wooden Key Holder

A small but worthy to give gift item for a housewarming party. For keeping the important keys safe and not let them lost, you can offer a fancy and designer wooden key holder which looks elegant and useful for the host. This creative and stylish gift idea surely liked by the receiver.

Creative Quote Door Signs

Creative Quote Door Signs - Gift ideas for indian housewarming ceremony

Let make the door more interesting and eye-catchy, with funny and creative Door signs. You can also make a customized board with your message for the host. Giving a door sign with a beautiful message is another great and unique housewarming gift idea, you can try.

Hanging Shadow Tea Light Holder

Hanging Shadow Tea Light Holder - gift ideas

This is another décor item that makes me wonder. Its creativity and beauty are just awesome. You can use this item in cars, in a room or at any place. The beautiful shadow it emerges is just out of the world. It looks really elegant at night when it makes a room more charming and adorable.

I hope you like My Indian Housewarming gift Ideas. If you found this article useful, then do a favor on me and share it with your friends. 🤗


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