10 Awesome Indian Independence Day Dress Up Ideas

Only a Few Days were left in our 73rd Independence Day. And then a grand celebration happens among the hearts of Indians. Yes, I’m talking about our national Independence Day. This day has its own craze among every Indian in the list of all other festivals. As usual, I spend my whole day in flying kites and one more thing in which I’m an expert on this Day is my awesome Indian Independence Day Dress up Ideas, which I’m going to sharing with you later in this article.

Personally, I’m a diehard fan of Independence Day and my craze for it is of next level. I always feel excited about 15 August, the best thing which I consider at this festival is my look. For showing my Patriotism towards my India, I usually wear authentic attire this day. And believe me, I have awesome dressing sense which makes everybody impressed. Eager to know my great Indian Independence day dress up ideas? Then let’s start with Awesome Dress up ideas and then I’ll share some dressing tips with you. So, read the full article, Ok? Here we go.

Simple White Kurta & Pajama

White Kurta & Pajama for independence day dress

Well, this sounds a little weird but that’s true. A simple pair of Kurta & Pajama really gives an awesome impression than a costly pair of fancy Dress on special occasions like Independence Day. Because the pair of Kurta & Pajama is come under the list of awesome Indian Independence Day dress up ideas that can make anyone impress.  

Casual Wear with Independence Day Accessories

Independence Day Accessories

Another great Dress up the idea for Impendence Day is wearing the usual pair of Shirt & Jeans with some fancy Independence Day accessories. Honestly, I’m too excited for flying kits and enjoy Independence Day every year that’s why I do not care too much about my Dressing looks this day. But still, I look perfect, know why? Because the thing I do is wearing my Usual Shirt & Jeans with 15th August Accessories like Sunglass, Cap &, etc. All these things make my Attire complete and perfect for this special day.

3 Colour combination Top for female & Jacket for Male

Jacket as indian independence day dress up ideas

Nowadays, a new fashion comes in trend on Independence Day. You easily found many varieties of customized T-shirts & Tops, which is especially design for Independence Day. Such as flag printed Jacket or 3 Flag’s Colour top or t-shirt for both males and females. This is a trending and fancy Dress up the idea for Independence Day.

Flag’s T-shirt with Causal Jeans

Flag's T-shirt for independence day dress code

Another Great Dress Combination idea for 15 August is wearing Indian Flag’s Colours T-shirt with usual Jeans below. It is a trending and fancy way to make your appearance elegant on this day. And in my opinion, t-shirts & jeans look more genuine and better than formal wear on most of the people.

Flag Printed Top for Females & T-shirts for Men

Flag Printed Top- 15th august dress code ideas

Another great Designer option to make your outfit perfect on this 15th august is wearing a Flag Printed attire. You easily found such a dress in the online and offline market. Even I also suggest 2 awesome Flag Printed Dresses for both female and male below.

Quotes printed T-shirt

Here’s another great Dress code idea for Independence Day outfit. Quotes printed Dresses also suits best on people and perfect for wearing on 15 August. The beautiful and unique written quotes on shirts and t-shirts towards our Indian tradition make us feel proud to wear them.  

Independence Day design jackets for male and female

Independence Day design jackets

Jackets are another great outfit item which you can wear usually or in even special occasion. Now many Printed and especially design jackets come in the market for Independence Day for both female and male. And the best thing which I found at this point is that with jackets, you can wear any causal Jeans and inner without any concern.

Army printed Wear for boys and Girls

Army printed Wear - Independence Day dress code ideas

In young age boys like me 😅 have an incredible craze for wearing t-shirts and jeans of Army Design. These casual dresses have a separate position among all other Designed T-shirts and jeans. In my case, I really suit well in army design cloths. I hope you also suit well in such attire, so try it at least once.

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Independence Day saree for girls and Sherwani for Boys

Independence Day saree

The traditional dress for both girls and boys on almost every special occasion or festival is a beautiful Saree for girls & Sherwani for boys. This is an evergreen wearing choice which suits perfectly on all events and festivals. So, this can be another good dress-up option for Indian Independence Day.

“I Love India” Printed T-shirts

“I Love India” Printed T-shirts dress code indian independence day dress up

I love India printed cotton wear is another good dressing option available for you which you can concern for try on Independence Day. A Printed “I love India” is not only a quote, rather it is our feels for our country, and trying such dress up on 15th August is a proud moment for us.

Helpful Tips for Independence Day Dress Code

Expensive attire and costly wear are not enough for looking well in an event, especially on Independence Day, you need some additional wearing tips which improve your overall looks.

If you believe that Looks doesn’t matter, then you are totally wrong, because in reality, looks matters. And no doubts if you really want to look confident, then you must need to look good. And for this, follow these working tips which are perfect for making your Independence Dress Code ideas more adorable. One more important thing, all the below-listed tips are normal guides which you can customize according to your preference & add your own tone in it. So, lets the Dressing Tips begin.

Keep the Dress fit

You usually found people wearing the too tight or too loose dress on many occasions. And they work like JOKER who makes people laughed at the party. I hope you don’t want to be one. That’s why always try to wear perfectly fitted Dresses in any event.

Wear Matching Accessories like a watch, locket, Glass, etc.

Wearing Matching additional accessories with your dress makes the Moment better and improves your outfit overall looks. Even in some cases, a simple usual attire will look better than much expensive clothing with some normal Accessories like Watch, Locket & specs, etc.

Choose a Classy Colour

Rather than selecting a bright and shining color, you should go with a Classy color choice which can be a simple Pure black with a white touch. Believe me, it looks so good to try such Classy colors. If you want more Classy Colours ideas, then do comments below on this page and I’ll surely reply. 😉

Spend on Shoes

Personally, I think, Shoes is the most ignored factor by people who want to look better on occasions. Because people think that nobody will go to notice their shoes, that’s why they spend very less on Shoes while high on the upper outfit. If you also one of them, then I must say you are going wrong. According to Acrwebsite, Shoes are the base of for the first impression. So, do spend on your Shoes.

Care for Cloths Proportions

Well, this is the most ignored factor by girls. If you want to look perfect even in usual wear, then care for proportions of both upper and lower wear, otherwise, you look like my favorite Cartoon “Doremon”.😅

Pay attention to your Sleeves

In men, Sleeves are another big factor that defines our outfit looks. On some people, full sleeves shirt looks best while on some, folded Sleeves shirt suits better. Personally, on me, I keep it little above than full which gives my overall outfit incredible combination. Especially on Indian Independence Day dress up ideas, this dressing tip gives me awesome looks.

Size of Accessories

Wearing Glasses which cover our whole face is a subject of laughing for people. People who wear such kind of large Accessories were really looked bad and funny in such attire. So keep in mind, don’t go with oversize accessories especially for your face.

I hope you love my above-listed Dress up Ideas for Indian Independence Day, if you want more such dressing ideas or tips, do comments on this blog. And in return, do a favor on me which is sharing this article with your friends and family.

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