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10 DIY Krishan Janmashtami Decoration Ideas for Home 2020

Among all other Famous and popular festivals in India, Janmashtami is one of the marvelous festivals for Indians. Especially in the Hindu religion, this festival is really important. Even in other castes and religions, the Lord Kanha is treated as the supreme God. Personally, I don’t believe too much about such kind of festivals but my family does. That’s why I always available in all types of Pooja happen in my home.  I get a lot of compliments at almost every festival because of my Decoration. And you know what, I really believe that I don’t do too much. I just care for some facts with my thoughtful Decoration ideas for Janmashtami. Here in this article, I going to share my awesome Ideas for Janmashtami Decoration which bring new charm in your home with excellent and helpful tips.

In Krishna Janmashtami, decorating your home is not the only task you need to do. Rather, people also looking for Matki Decoration & Jhula Decoration ideas for Krishna Janmashtami. Not only in-home even the craze for celebrating this festival is always high in Schools. From kids to adults, age doesn’t matter, the glee of this Festival among Indians is always high enough. And I’m pretty sure that you also love to celebrate such kind of festival. All the Janmashtami Decoration Ideas & Tips which I’m sharing below are unique and thoughtful, you just need to observe them and choose the best idea for your place Decoration.  Now let’s start with my decoration ideas and then at the end I share some tips which improve your Decoration skills in the event.

Beautiful Rangoli for Brightening up the Floor

Rangoli for janmashtami decoration

Rangoli is a traditional evergreen way to decorate the floor. In comparison to boys, girls have madly craze for making a beautiful Rangoli on several festivals. And when it comes to Krishan Janmashtami, you can try this traditional decorating idea for giving your floor unforgettable looks. We also bring steps for making a professional Rangoli design at home in the near future, so keep connecting with us.

Bansuris wall Décor for Krishan Janmashtami

Bansuris wall Décor for Krishan Janmashtami

I’m totally impressed when I first look at this Janmashtami Decoration idea, this decoration design looks really awesome and looks perfect on the occasion of Janmashtami. If you really want to bring new charm in the Janmashtami night, then just check out this awesome idea.

Peacock feather Janmashtami Decoration

Peacock feather Janmashtami Decoration ideas

Another symbol of Krishan is a beautiful Peacock Feather. At this festival, the decoration of your home will never get completed without the Peacock feather decoration style. Related to Peacock decoration, you easily found many decoration ideas like feather wallpapers for blank walls, feather paintings, and showpiece. All these accessories were perfect for decorating your home for Janmashtami.

Fans Backdrop Décor – Make your walls alive

Fans Backdrop Décor

This is a causal decoration technique that is used for almost every festival home decoration. As it is a pocket-friendly way to make your place ready for the event.  With beautifully designed Fans backdrop, you can decorate your ceiling, your walls, and another part of your home also. Rather than using wallpapers, this works better for Janmashtami.

Shining foil Curtains

Shining foil Curtains for krishan janmashtai

Foil curtains are another beautiful and cheapest way to quickly decorate your home for parties and occasions. This décor item really looks beautiful if you use them in the right way. You can use these curtains at any place, usually on festivals, shining silver or golden curtains were looking perfect but on the occasion of Janmashtami, you can use blue foil curtains as well.

Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights for bright Janmashtami

Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights

Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights is come in trend recently for decorating the home or offices. It looks really beautiful at night and because of its unique shape and design, Crystal Bubble Ball String Lights is in trend and popularity. Because of its features, this is another great Decoration idea for Janmashtami which you can try at home.

LED Butterfly lights

LED Butterfly lights for home decoration of janmashtami

I have these lighting in my home and it really looks so beautiful at night. For the Krishan festivals, we use these lights for decorating our home in a budget-friendly way. Not only in festivals even these light also works best for kids’ birthdays and other celebrations at home.

Handmade Waxed Diya for Janmashtami Decoration

Handmade Waxed Diya for Janmashtami Decoration

Nothing can replace the value of Diya in festival decoration. Diya is a traditional and most selected way to decorate the home for different festivals and occasions. Especially for Diwali, people look for Diya Decoration ideas in huge numbers. But if you don’t have enough time for preparing Diyas for your home decoration, then you can prefer Handmade Waxed Diya which you can easily buy from the online market.

Manthan Round Hanging Lantern

Manthan Round Hanging Lantern

Round Manthan hanging lantern is my personal recommendation to my all readers. Because I personally tired this décor item and it is really effective. It looks really beautiful at night and it’s unique and eye-catchy shape makes people attract. It makes you feel relaxed and calm.

Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

Dream Catcher Wall Hanging

Honestly, Dream catcher hanging bell is a Housewarming Gift ideas, but you can also use it for decorating your home on festivals. Basically, this is a relaxing item but as a decoration, it works perfectly. Honestly, I don’t have too much to write on it that’s why I’m stopping it here now. 😅

All these Decorations ideas for Janmashtami are enough to make this Janmashtami memorable and incredible. But still, if you want more such working Décor ideas, do comments below and I’ll definitely reply. My content is not over yet, as per my promise, now I’m going to share some helpful tips with you which rectify your decoration mistakes. Here we go…

Tip 1. Care for the size of Curtains

The most common mistake which people usually do is ignoring the Curtain sizes. They don’t pay enough attention to the height of Curtains and bought a long curtain which ruins their overall decoration. Especially on Birthday Decoration, people repeat these mistakes several times. So, must keep the size of curtains in mind before buying them. 

Tip 2. Go with blue theme

On the occasion of Krishan Janmashtami, the best suitable color which you can prefer for decoration is Blue. Even the blue theme is perfect for this event. It will suit the event and gives a classy decoration style to your home.

Tip 3. Add the touch of Modern and Traditional décor

Another great way to make your party interesting is to make your party as per the modern and traditional people. Means give it a touch of modern youngsters with traditional-aged people. So, that everyone can feel comfortable in your Janmashtami celebration. You can plan something for everyone and make everyone involve.

Tip 4. Don’t do it over (CAUTION)

Keep in mind, that this is not a decoration competition. So, don’t do it over. All the Janmashtami Decoration Ideas which you get here are enough to bring the next level of enjoyment in your celebration only if you used them in a limited and right manner.

Tip 5. Run your imagination before implantation

God gifts us a superpower, the power of imagination. Through this power, you can do whatever you want without any restrictions. You can use this power of imagination to bring new charm in your Janmashtami night celebration and make your decoration appreciating. Just run your imagination, how your walls will look like after your decoration ideas implantation.

Tip 6. Get Ideas from internet

Doing things practically is the best way to learn it. Without a picture in mind, you can’t draw anything. That’s why always do enough research on the internet and look for ideal Janmashtami decoration which will suits perfectly for your home. This not only makes your work simpler plus it gives you an overall look how your home will look like.

Wrapping Up

I hope my Janmashtami Decoration ideas & tips were helpful for you. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and if you have any doubts do comments.

Enjoy a Rocking Janmashtami Celebration!!! 🥳


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