Kitty Party Dress Code: Top 10+ Dress Code Ideas For Kitty Party

Hey Young ladies, 

I hope you all are well and doing great in your life. So how’s your kitty party planning is going? I hope you are ready to organize an amazing kitty party with your friends. But is there something which you skip? Let’s thinks again. Did you select your kitty party dress code? Obviously not. Because you don’t have any perfect Dress code ideas for your grand kitty party. It doesn’t mean your kitty is going to ruin because you just found the perfect solution for your problem.

As we all know that there are hundreds of different dress codes available for the kitty party then why you still don’t have any perfect idea for your kitty? Because the real question comes that which dress codes suit perfectly for your Kitty party Theme. Usually, ladies looking for an outfit that matches their theme. But in most of the cases, Simple Dress code looks better instead of their theme-matching attire. But don’t worry we are not going to suggest you wear any simple and dull-colored dress in your kitty party. Instead, we have a collection of some awesome and eye-catching Dress code ideas for your upcoming kitty party.

  1. Back to School

School dress code for kitty party

This dress code will really make you and your kitty member younger than their actual age. Because wearing a school dress will make your young life appear again in front of you. You had enjoyed a lot of beautiful memories with your friends. Now with this kitty party dress code, you have the chance to bring that memory again in your life with your pretty friends.

  1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds dress

Angry birds dress are always in the trend that’s why you can try them for your kitty party also. You can easily purchase them online. Angry birds’ dress code will really suit you and your dress even your friends will appreciate you for selecting this dress code idea for your kitty party.

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  1. Indian Culture

Indian Culture dress code for kitty

If you are not comfortable with some funny kinds of dresses, then surely you should go with a normal Indian culture outfit. Because the comfortability is a major aspect behind the enjoyment of a function. The more you feel comfortable with your dress, the more you enjoy your event.

  1. Modern outfit

Modern outfit

The modern outfit also looks better and can be selected as the dress code for a kitty party. It is all up to you which dress you feel looks better in your kitty. Normally bright color dresses suit better as your party wear. If your kitty is based on Valentine’s theme, then Modern outfit looks awesome as Valentine’s theme kitty party dress code.

  1. Black & White

Black & White kitty dress

The Black & white dress color combination makes the dress and the person wear it classy and attractive. The popularity of this color combination is high enough that you can try it as your kitty party dress code.

  1. Game of thrones

Game of thrones

Personally, I love Game of thrones even I watch the whole web series many times. Not only me even most of us love this series. So it should be a good idea to look like a character of a game of thrones in your kitty.

  1. Chocolate heaven

Chocolate heaven kitty dress code

Do you love chocolates? Why don’t you become chocolate for a day? Sound funny HAHA… let be serious now. Wearing a dark brown chocolate color dress is another good option which you can try as a dress for your party. It will really look pretty on you and because it is a unique idea so your friends will love it too.

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  1. Princess


Well, you are already a princess for someone. So why you don’t try to be the real one for a day? It sounds good, right? Actually, it is. Wearing a charming & pretty princess dress make you bold at your party and also it is a good idea of a dress code that you can try.

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  1. Disney Character

Disney Character kitty dress

We all have one favorite Disney character mine is Micky. Which one is yours? Tell us in a comment. As the popularity of Disney character is all-time high and if you offer your friends to be one of them for a day, then they all will become more excited about your kitty party.

  1. Home Made Dress

Home Made Dress for kitty party

The home Made dress is the best kitty party attire which you can try. Because ladies always have the curiosity to make something beautiful and useful for their homes. Even when it comes to home-made dress, it will be a great opportunity for you and your friends to show their talent at a party. And the best part is that you not need to spend even a single amount of money on this dress. Usually, home-made dresses are best as the Holi theme kitty party dress code. Because you can easily make it customized and more colorful which suits your Holi themed kitty.

  1. Christmas


Christmas is not only a good theme for your dress code even it also suits the theme of your party. if you organized a kitty that has a Christmas theme, then the Christmas dress code will be the best option for you.

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Tips for Selecting Best Kitty party Dress Code for an Impressive looks

Just imagine you just bought an expensive dress for a function without wearing it. And on the date of that function when you try to wear your dress, you feel like “oh crap it’s too tight”. Then how bad you will feel? That’s why always consider for tips before final any kitty party dress code.  Understood? Now let’s take a look at different tips that you need to care while selecting your kitty dress.

  1. Consider your figure

You need to consider the body posture & figure you have. Just imagine yourself wearing the dress which you are going to buy. If you found that you look really pretty in that dress then you are on the right road.

  1. Remember your measurements

Before the selection of any dress just be sure about your measurements. Usually, because of excitement, you may forget to get appropriate measurements of your body. And only select the dress which matches your measurements.

  1. Not too loose not too tight

Never buy a dress which you look too tight or too loose. Because in the kitty party you have to play games, that’s why your dress should be of the normal fitting. And according to perception, if you wear a loose dress then you look shorter than your actual height. So always prefer a fitted dress.

  1. Check your dressing from the back also

As there can be a chance that the dress code you select for your kitty party looks awkward from behind. So never only focus on the front of your dress consider the backside also.

  1. Don’t believe in trend

Never blindly trust in the fashion trend. Because the kitty party dress code will not always match with the fashion trend. Choose the dress which looks better in your kitty party instead of selecting a dress according to the fashion trend.

  1. Choose the color suit you best

Colour is the basic feature which you need to care properly while selecting the dress code for your kitty. The mostly dark purple color suits best on most of the kitty party theme.

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Wrapping Up

Did you know the most confusing part while planning for a kitty party? Hope you do. Even you are facing it right now. Yeah… that is the selection of the right Dress code which suits the theme of your kitty. There are so many options available in front of you which you can try but still, you did not found them attractive enough to try it for your kitty party, you know why? Because most of them are very common and boring.

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That’s why for offering a new look at your kitty party, we are here to offer you some new kitty dress code ideas, which you can try for your party. And we hope that any dress code which you choose from our ideas will make your kitty more charming and impressive.

I hope you found the perfect dress idea for your rocking kitty party. If you love our article then feel free to do comment.

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