23+ Latest Kitty Party Invitation Messages For 2020 Kitty

Being friendly with my reader, I personally want to give you a tip to make your upcoming Kitty Party Spicy. Are you eager to know that tip? I think you are. So let’s break your suspense. In my opinion, another best way to make your party more exciting and warmer is the best Kitty Party invitation Messages. Because the message you write on your kitty invitation card is the first expression which your guest assumes about your party. So in this sense, the message should be unique and a little bit sexy. So that whenever your members (whom you are going to invite) read your invitation wording, will say… WOW party is going to be great. Continue reading if you want to give your kitty members such kinds of impressions.

Necessary points with your Hello Kitty Party Invitation wording

If you are inviting your kitty members for the kitty organized by you first time, then you may be confused while selecting the best layout of your card. Even you can mistakenly skip some important points which you need to be listed on your card with hello Kitty invitation message.  So before sending your card to your friend’s residence, be sure you listed all the items gives below: –

  • The theme of the kitty
  • Venue
  • Date and time
  • Dress Code
  • Name of the member
  • Any other important notice.

You have to give these points mention in your card with a beautiful and attractive message. Now let me share some interesting and unique wording with you.

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Interesting invitation quotes for your 2020 Party

Here we present the best wording which you are looking for inviting your members.


(1)    The time to be Free From your Work Burden is Now Come,

Join us for some crispy Cookies & Drinks tonight,

For celebrating our togetherness to the fullest,

Eat, Drink, Dance & enjoy with us.

kitty invitation message

(2)      Kick the Sadness you have in your life,

Sing, dance, Jump & Play with us,

Make your Inner Kid come out tonight

Don’t Miss the Fun.

hello kitty invitation message  

(3)    Celebrate some Beautiful Moments of your Life with Me,

Join a Small Kitty Party Organized by Me,

I heartily want to see you at this party,

Enjoy A Great Day with your Well-wishers.

latest kitty invitation message

(4)   It has been very long to meet with you and our other friends,

So I decided to organized a small but interesting kitty in my house,

I hope you will be there.

latest kitty invitation message 

(5)    I really feel glad to organized a small get to gather in my house,

You & all our old friends are invited,

Come on time to enjoy the party fullest.


(6)    Make my kitty More Beautify by coming at sharp 5 pm,

Don’t miss any gossips, games & the most important snakes.


(7)    A small celebration is going to occur in my house,

All our friends are invited to this kitty party,

So don’t make any reason for not coming,

You have to come to this party.


(8)   Let our Old Memories Refresh by meeting at the spot,

You and all our old members are invited,

So be ready for making some entertaining memories.


(9)    I work hard to organize a small kitty party at our location,

I really miss our togetherness for many weeks,

Our all kitty members are invited to this party,

So you must come to make my kitty more interesting.



(10)    Remember the date Sunday 4th of April,

I am giving a small kitty party to meet with all my friends,

You are heartily invited,

Try to come at all costs.

 kitty party invitation message

(11)    Time again comes when we all are going to meet,

The venue is my house,

I’ve organized a kitty party where you are invited,

Be on time to get the best surprise.


(12)     Our far & near friends were coming tonight,

In my kitty party,

You are also invited,

Try to come on time.


(13)    Hope you are missing the beautiful memories,

Which we live together,

Let’s live them again, 

In my kitty party.


(14 )    Sing or dance,

Do whatever you want,

Just enjoy the company of friends,

At my kitty party you are heartily invited.

kitty invitation message

(15)    Don’t forget to come to my party,

Where all our friends are present to make some beautiful memories,

We play, sing and dance together,

And enjoy every moment of that time.



(16)   A party full of interesting games and fun is waiting for you,

Be there on time to become part of our memories.


(17)    Let make an evening memorable,

I’ve organized a kitty party at our spot,

Let be free from your busy schedule and meet with your old friends.

latest kitty invitation message

(18)    Catch up with your old friends in my kitty,

I held a party at my home tonight,

Where all our friends were coming,

Be sure you also be there to attend a beautiful evening.


(19)    I want to see you in my kitty party,

All our friends were present their,

Don’t be late.


(20)    Drink or dance?

What you will prefer,

Do everything which you want,

In my kitty party.


(21)    Increase the room temperature by presenting in my kitty party,

I and our friends were want to be with you on that evening,

Try to be on time.


(22)     I miss those days which we spend together,

Let make them come back for some hours,

I organized a kitty party at my house,

You cordially invited,

Please be on time.


(23)     Let make a plan on Tuesday night to get together with our friends,

I am organizing a kitty party in my place,

Be there on time with our other friends,

To have some cakes and enjoying some moments.


(24)     I happy to see you on Sunday at my home,

I am organizing a kitty party,

Where all our friends were coming,

Be sure you don’t miss the interval.

latest kitty invitation message

(25)    I want my friend present at my party,

I really miss the moments which we enjoy together,

Let make some refreshment on Sunday,

Must come to the kitty party at my home.

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