You are currently viewing Killer Kitty Party Theme Ideas of 2020 to make your Party Spicy

Killer Kitty Party Theme Ideas of 2020 to make your Party Spicy

If you are a woman, then you will surely like to organize a kitty party with great theme ideas. Kitty parties are the best way to socialize yourself with your female friends. As this party is organized by women by contributing money so it should be well pretty and mannered just like you. In such kind of Get to gather, you get the chance to meet with your friends and be free from your life’s problems. Normally this women party is organized in the afternoon of every month after getting free from your busy schedule. Everyone will contribute money for this, that’s why the burden will not come on only a specific person.

There are a lot of interesting things available which you can try at your next kitty party in 2020. But the best way to make your gathering memorable for every guest is to select the best kitty party themes.  Right Theme will make your party unique and better than the last one. Even it also makes your 2020 party more spicy and interesting for everyone. If you ever organized a kitty party to your place, then you know that without any theme a Gathering will never be completed. So never make the silly mistake of organizing any party without a theme. And if you want to get some adorable & new kitty party theme Ideas for 2020 party then keep reading.

How do I make a kitty party interesting?

If you are the one who is going to organize a kitty party with your friends, then you need to read this section. If you really want to make your kitty interesting, then keep everything ready in advance. Because you are the one who hosts the party & you need to care about everything in advance. Be ready for everything so that your kitty’s members will not feel like something is missing. You need to keep calm, look attractive in comparison to other members, and being friendly with everyone. Keep some best ideas ready for games which you can play at your party. Also, care about the food menu, etc.

Select your Kitty theme with Caution

Theme Kitty Parties are the best way to show your love to your friends. And if you organize it with the right Kitty theme, then it will definitely be the best get to gather of your life. You just need an idea to go on. You just need an idea to start planning.

Organizing a Theme kitty party is not like something unique and interesting until your theme is unique and pretty enough.  So we can consider that at a party the theme you select is the point which really matters. For providing your party more spicy and interesting looks, we are here with the collection of some new themes ideas for your upcoming kitty party in 2020.

9 Spicy Kitty party Theme Ideas for 2020

  1. Magical Theme

Magic theme kitty idea

If you want to try something unique and different from others, then you can try this magical kitty theme. Using this is really fun because it is different from any other theme. The specialty of this theme is that you can easily arrange every requirement for this from your nearest stores.

Dress code for Magical Kitty party theme

A long cap with a single color jacket will perfectly give you look like a magician. Even you can also try fairy tale dresses as the dress code of this theme party. You can use several objects like a magic stick or goggles to complete your dress.

Invitation card idea

Invite your kitty member through sending them cute magical cards that will really work. You can try handmade or even printed cards as well.


Decoration for such type of kitty theme is very easy and cheap. You just need some hats, cards, and other colorful decorating ideas. Even you can also hang the paper cut pieces and some Dark color lights on the walls.

Games for Magical theme kitty

Normally you can play any game for this theme, but we recommended you to try the game of showing magical tricks which impress the audience. The one which shows the best trick will win the game.

  1. Under the Sea

Under the Sea kitty theme ideas

Under the sea is a trendy and attractive theme for kitty and any other party. It really suits every venue, and because of its beautiful colors, ladies love it so much. You can try this theme for your kitty to give it adorable looks.

Dress code for under the sea theme

You can wear t-shirts on which sea creatures are printed or a simple sea color t-shirt also. Use masks and hats which match with your theme to complete your outfit.


If you decided to use under the sea theme for your kitty, then you can invite your guest through the paper card in which sea creatures are printed. If you are good at drawing then you can also invite through handmade cards.


To transform your venue into an underwater environment you can use big size photographs and paper which you can paste on the walls. You can hang sea creatures on the gate.


The game which you can play with friends in the kitty is to solve the puzzle. For this game, you need some sea puzzles and the one who solves the puzzle first will win the game.

  1. Candy saga

Candy saga kitty theme

If you love sweets and chocolate, then this kitty theme idea is perfect for you. You can easily decorate your venue according to this theme within your budget.

Dress Code for a candy theme

You can wear candy printed dresses, candy’s neckless and a band. These dresses will really suit you and make you more beautiful. Finding a candy printed shirt & t-shirt is very easy in the market and you do not need to do extra effort to get the one.


For inviting your guest to the kitty, you can try candy shaped invitation cards. This inviting trick will really look very sweet and unique.


For decorating your venue for the candy kitty theme you can use candy shape toys & paper design. You can use candy & sweet printed bedsheets & tablecloth for the room.


Just like the theme your game is also going to be sweet as well. You can play Separation Anxiety which is one of the popular party games. In this game, the player has limited time to separate candies according to their color from a pile-up of candies. The one who does it first will win the game.

  1. Animal lover

Animal lover theme kitty

This can be the best way to impress your female friends. Organizing animal-themed kitty is really going to fun and awesome. The beautiful animal’s colors bring new excitement to the party.

Dress Code for an animal theme

You can easily found animal costumes in the market which you can wear in the kitty.  Even you can also wear animals printed dresses or animal’s colors t-shirts. Even you can also try to wear animal’s marks and bands to look more like an animal.


Usually, the best way to invite for an animal theme kitty is by physical animal printed cards. This gives the best impact on your guest and gives them the perfect hint for the theme of the party.


For decorating your venue according to the theme, you can use animal stickers and animal’s signboards. Hanging painting is another best idea for decorating your home.


We all must have played Damsharas at least once in our lives, in which we had to guess the name of the movie. Animal Damsharas is another game that you can play in your party whose rule is just like normal Damsharas. But the only difference is that you have to guess the name of the animal whose actions will be done by a member of your group.

  1. Ship

Ship kitty party theme

Had you ever want to become Captain of the Ship? If yes, then here your dreams will come true. You can try the ship theme for your kitty party. At that party, you are the caption of the ship which is really a great moment of your life. This really going to work and your friends will give WOW looks to you for organizing Ship themed kitty.

Dress Code for Ship Theme

You can wear Ship design dresses or Ship Tools printed top as the dress for this party. Even you can use several objects like jellyfish umbrella, fish printed band, etc. you can easily arrange such kind of things for completing your attire.


For inviting your guest for ship-themed kitty either you can send them an online invitation or through physical ship design printed cards.


Decorating your venue according to the ship theme is a great idea for doing something different. You can simply decorate your place by hanging cardboard ships or pasting stickers on the wall. As you are the one who organized this kitty. So, decorate everything like a caption.


The reason behind the popularity of the Ship theme for kitty parties is because of its game. The best game which you can play in a ship-themed party is to find the treasure. In which you need some creativity and smartness. You have to hide a treasure in your home which can be anything like a photo frame or a trophy. Once you hide the treasure in your home then the next step will design a map for finding the treasure. It is time-consuming and difficult but you will really enjoy a lot with this game.

  1. Star night

Star night kitty party theme

I personally recommend you to choose stars night kitty party theme at least for once. Because every woman love stars and bring them to your kitty is a good idea. Imagine the beautiful shining moments you made with your buddies. It’s really cool, right? So let make it true with star night theme.

Dress Code for Star night Themed kitty

Any bright color top is perfect for star night themed party but you can also try stars printed t-shirts or gown which looks too pretty and match with the theme. You can also buy stars related to neckless or bands.


The physical invitation card which has a star theme is the very beautiful and perfect way to invite your guest. You easily arrange such invitation cards from any printing shops.


For decorating your venue, you do not need to spend a big amount of money instead you can easily decoration your place for this theme. Many several things like stars balloons or lamb were easily available in the market which you can use to decorate your home.


You can play Draw the night game in start night themed kitty. In this game all the members have to draw the beautiful night full of stars in a limited time period, the one who draws the best painting will win the game. It shows how creative you are and judge your imagination ability.

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  1. Rainbow

Rainbow kitty party theme

If you love colors then you should go with the Rainbow theme idea. It really great feels to enjoy beautiful moments in different colors. Pretty rainbow theme is the really impressive and better option in comparison to many other kitty theme ideas.

Dress code for Rainbow theme

Finding a dress code for the rainbow theme is very easy. Even you really look much pretty in such kind of colorful dresses. You can wear rainbow printed top or gown or colorful gown at the party.


A rainbow shaped or rainbow design invitation card is perfect for inviting your guests.


For decoration, you can arrange different colors of balloons and an artificial rainbow works best for decoration of the venue. If you have a high budget, then you can make your walls colorful also. Hanging stickers and colorful papers is also a good idea.


The best game for the rainbow theme is to shot the balloon. This is a shooting game that your guest will really like. In this game, you have to attach different colors of 10-15 balloons on the wall with the tape or gum. The second toy which you need for this game is Bow and arrow. You can also arrange a toy gun for this game. The rule of this game is that one of your kitty members will shoot the balloon whose color will be selected by other members. You can decide the distance of this game according to the space you have in your venue.

  1. Superhero

Superhero kitty theme

We all love different superheroes. Even you and your friends also love TV heroes too. So let’s give them the chance to become their ideal superhero. Give your friends a superhero-themed kitty party which brings many new beautiful heroes in one place.

Dress code for superhero-themed kitty party

Finding a hero costume in the market is very easy, you can easily arrange any hero dress from the market. Even you can also wear a top and gown on which your favorite superb hero is printed. Even their several superhero masks come which you can wear as a part of your outfit.


Use 3D and cool superhero stickers or hang toys to give your venue Superhero themed look. While you did not need to do many things for decorating your venue using some stickers and normal balloons is enough.


Inviting your guest through superhero printed cards is the awesome and coolest way to bring your friends in the party. You can also use any Superhero’s color card to invite your guests.


The best game for this type of party is finding the difference which you can easily play with your friends. For this game, you need some Spot the difference games which you can easily purchase from the nearest shop. The one who found all the difference first will win the game.

  1. Cartoon Lover

Cartoon Lover kitty party theme

Love cartoons? Which cartoon do you like best? If you ask me this question, the best cartoon I like is Sinchan. And if I get a chance to wear a Sinchan dress at a party, I definitely wear it. Not only me, but even your guest would also like to dress up as their favorite cartoon. So why not invite them to a cartoon themed kitty party.

Dress Code For cartoon themed

You can purchase your cartoon themed dress online. Even you can also wear cartoon printed top or cartoon costumes at your party. You can use goggles and caps for Providing your dress finishing looks.


Using cartoon’s cardboards, balloons & stickers are enough to completely decorate your venue for cartoon themed kitty. Using cartoon shaped plates and glass is also the best idea for decorating your venue.


Use cartoon shaped or cartoon printed invitation cards to invite your guest in the kitty.


You can play cartoon Dance game at your kitty party. In this game, everyone has to perform some famous dance steps of their favorite cartoon. The one who did this task best will be the winner of this game.

I hope you all like our Kitty party Theme Ideas. So don’t forget to comment and share your feedback. Enjoy your kitty ladies!!!!


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