You are currently viewing 80 Songs for ladies Sangeet Which make you CRAZY for Dance

80 Songs for ladies Sangeet Which make you CRAZY for Dance

Excited to dance madly in your last singlehood night with your girl gang? Then you must need a list of awesome ladies’ sangeet songs for whole night entertainment, right? And obviously, that is why you’re here, for finding collection of best songs for sangeet function which make your dance come out.

That’s true that sangeet night ceremony have significance importance in marriage rituals. And personally, I love Sangeet night. Whole night, we just enjoy some beautiful music & dance madly without caring anyone watching us. In addition to funny moments we create on sangeet night, the 2nd best thing I like is Songs.

Although, having an eye-catchy Sangeet Theme is really an impressive idea to make people wow. But without a crazy & entertaining playlist, you just make people bored in your sangeet ceremony. Got it? Now let’s move to the main circle of this article which is Best Songs for ladies sangeet dance.

List of Songs As per its category

Ladies Sangeet Songs Punjabi

Do you know, I’m mad about Punjabi songs. Even I can hear them all day without getting bored. Just like me, there are hundreds of people who are diehard fans of Punjabi songs. Especially on events like Sangeet function, when a Punjabi song is going on, I can’t control my feet to step on the dancing floor. That’s why I put the Punjabi ladies’ sangeet songs list on the top.

punjabi songs for ladies sangeet

Sangeet Ceremony Dance Songs List

Want to hit the dance floor in your own style? Here’s some Sangeet ceremony dance songs playlist which you & your girl gang will surely love. A perfect background song & crazy mood become the deadly combination ever which is really unbeatable. These songs are perfect for making your dance come out with its all potential.

Dance Songs List for sangeet ceremony

Ladies Sangeet Playlist for Brother Marriage

Make your younger Brother Sangeet ceremony memorable with Energetic ladies’ sangeet songs for brother marriage. All the below-listed songs are professionally selected & the most popular songs collection for the sangeet ceremony of brother marriage.

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Ladies Sangeet Songs List for Sister Marriage

Unlike brothers marriage sangeet songs, sister sangeet night must have different songs playlist. Because in the case of sister, playings simple soft songs is better. These Sister marriage Music ceremony songs which you get below are professionally collected for girls sangeet night.

Ladies Sangeet Songs List for Sister Marriage

Old songs List for ladies sangeet

Believe me or not, old songs have their own taste than the new one. And luckily, people still love to enjoy old songs over a new one. Even I also love listening to old songs but not as much as Punjabi. But if you have old aged people in your sangeet night ceremony, then old songs for ladies sangeet is the best playlist for you. here‘s some old songs list is given below.

Old songs List for ladies sangeet

Bollywood Taste Music playlist for sangeet ceremony

Personally I’m not a fan of Bollywood songs but I’m not a hater also. You usually found Bollywood songs playlist is common songs list playing in events like sangeet function. So if you ok with Bollywood songs, here’s a song link which you can try in your function night.

Bollywood Taste Music playlist for sangeet ceremony

Trending Songs Playlist for ladies

Trending songs are best for youth which can easily make them danced. Here’s I collection some best trending ladies sangeet songs of 2020 which you can consider in your playlist.

Trending Songs Playlist for ladies

Evergreen Music List for ladies sangeet function

From young to aged, these evergreen songs which I bring for you to bring new charm in your sangeet ceremony. Well, I don’t have any words for this playlist but believe me, these songs are best for you and must add some of them in your playlist.

Evergreen Music List for ladies sangeet function

Wait🤚, the post is not ended yet. If you’re done & get a perfect songs playlist for your Sangeet ceremony, then you are free to go but if you want some to get some guidance in selection of best songs as per your audience, then keep reading. It won’t take more than additional 2 minute.

Guide: How to Choose a Better Playlist

It sounds looks little weird that, you really need a guide to select a song playlist for a sangeet night ceremony. But, if you are not a DJ like me then, believe me, you really need to follow some tips for playing the best songs which make people crazy to hit the floor. And here’s that points which you could follow for becoming a music expert.

  1. Choose music which is common for everyone so that everyone can dance on it easily.
  2. Consider the theme of music.
  3. Choose music which have a famous dance step so that everyone can do that.
  4. Play HD quality ladies’ sangeet songs in the ceremony.  
  5. Choose a playlist that has a minimum of 50 songs that can be played the whole night.
  6. The most popular Bollywood & old songs for ladies sangeet are best. 
  7. Make a custom Mahila Sangeet songs list which has evergreen songs.

Check out this Guide, to read know about other tips that you can follow to play the right songs at the right events.

Hope, these Songs for ladies sangeet are enough for you, if you found this helpful, share it with your buddies & girl gang. Plus don’t forget to follow us on our social handles.


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