20+ Maharashtrian Wedding Dress for Couples, Groom & Bride

Luckily I have a Marathi friend in my life whose name is Prathit. And I really love his culture and get impressive vibes from him. I’m very much familiar with His custom & culture that’s why I can share & discuss some Maharashtrian wedding dress with you.

Maharashtrian people are really serious about their customs & rich rituals. Especially their simple yet traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress make their tradition more interesting. Usually on the rigid customs of Marathi peoples turn into beautiful bonding of their family and close friends. They are simple, impressive & just much better than many other traditional casts.

From impressive traditional Maharashtrian wedding to heavy bridal jewelry & rich décor, Marathi’s weddings are WOW. Unlike spending a lump-sum amount on weddings, Maharashtrian people care for every single thing at their weddings and that’s why the reason why their wedding is such incomparable. Here you get some such WOW wedding dresses photographs of Maharashtrian couples.

Traditional Maharashtrian Wedding Couple Dresses

In Maharashtrian culture, tradition, rituals & customs have significant space. And you can see its example in their wedding too. Their religiousness is completely visible in their Maharashtrian couple wedding dress. For them, much over the trendy & fashionable wedding wear, their traditional rituals matter. Here are some images of Maharashtrian wedding dress for the groom & bride which express their faith in their tradition.


Maharashtrian wedding dress for the Bride to be

Rather than making any changes in the traditional rituals of Marathi’s. On the wedding day, the bride still wears the same Traditional Maharashtrian wedding dress of bride which is a beautiful long green paithani saree which have a golden border. Her hair tied & she has to wear pearl ornaments & gajra. This is what a Marathi bride looks like on her marriage day.

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Here come images of a Maharashtrian bride wedding dress which you will surely love. These photos shows the context of their rituals.

Groom Dress for Maharashtrian Wedding

In the tradition of Marathi people, the groom usually wears a light-colored Dhoti kurta a beautiful red & white beaded Mundavalya, which enhanced the looks of the groom. Groom also has a thin gold border stole around his neck during the wedding. Some groom also wears a Nehru cap during the ceremony.


Here are some Maharashtrians Groom Wedding dress images which represent the wedding attire of Marathi Groom at the wedding ceremony.



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