Give your Mandap Unforgettable looks with Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas

The importance of marriage is very high in everyone’s life. Every person wants to make it memorable for their family & for the people who will attend their marriage occasion. In the current scenario, everyone has a different choice. Because of their difference in the choices, they want different Wedding Mandap Decoration Ideas. Most of the people get bored in attending the mandap rituals in marriages. Because it is very common in every marriage function. If you don’t want your guest to also face such type of boringness at your wedding. Then, you can try the new & classy mandap decoration Ideas that make your occasion attractive & different one.

  1. Classical Mandap with Round Roof Idea

classical mandap decoration idea

In many Indian weddings which host in a big open place. Most of the families consider this wedding mandap decoration idea because it looks huge & attractive. If you are hosting your marriage in an open place then it would be one of the choices for your wedding. Its round look on the top makes it more attractive from the rest of the big mandap ideas.

  1. Floating Mandap Idea

floating wedding mandap idea

In floating mandap idea the pavilion is float on water which looks Royal and great. Your guest will enjoy this ritual too much. High profiles Indian peoples consider the floating mandap on their loved one marriage. Because hosting the floating mandap ideas incurs a huge cost. If you have been hosting your marriage occasion at your farmhouse & your farm has a big swimming pool then you can try this.

  1. Grand Pink Mandap Idea

pink mandap decoration idea

It is a very beautiful idea for the wedding Mandap under the roof. Its classical string of pink color makes it more beautiful & attractive. Its round roof covered with drapes & flowers make it eye-catching. You can easily try this as your wedding mandap decoration idea. It easily matches your expectations to impress your guests.

  1. Colorful Drapes

colorful drapes mandap decoration idea

It is very common in open places wedding. This mandap idea can easily customize according to our needs. In customization, you could use the same color drapes to make a single color. The single color theme also looks good at weddings. The hosting of this theme wants a big space than others but it looks nice.

  1. Sea Facing mandap idea

sea facing mandap idea

Hosting your wedding nearby a sea is a big thing to do. It is only possible if have a sea-facing villa or if you hire a destination wedding planner. They help you to host sea-facing marriage with a sea-facing mandap. It is very costly in hosting because not everyone has a sea-facing house to host that type of party. But it is in the trend & everyone loving it.

  1. Kolkata touchy Garlands theme

Kolkata touchy Garlands mandap ideas

This idea is very popular in Kolkata because they prefer simple things to use in wedding decorations. That’s why they always prefer these types of Simple mandap decoration ideas above other types of trendy themes. This theme sounds natural and attractive. It is done with strings of garlands & the decoration of this is full of natural things.

  1. Mandap with Entrance of Flowers

flower mandap decoration ideas

This mandap is not like a big one or not very stylish mandaps. It’s a simple one but it has a special feature of entrance space. In this theme, there is a big corridor for entrance decorated with various types of flowers. The shape of this mandap theme is square having some round patterns on the entrance corridor. You can also choose this.

  1. South Indian Theme

south indian wedding mandap ideas

As you know south Indian people use natural things in every sector. Even for eating they use leaves plates. Because they love natural things their mandap theme is also full of natural products. Their mandap is full of garlands with the decoration of four pillars like a simple wedding mandap.

Select your Wedding Mandap Decoration Idea Carefully

At your wedding, many of your friends and relatives come to attend your marriage. And the best way to make your wedding memorable for them is by beautiful Mandap Decoration.  So, for giving you Mandap and memorable gesture you can try our Mandap Decoration Ideas. Everything & everyone matters when it comes to the wedding. That’s why you need to fully focus on selecting your mandap Decoration style if you don’t want to get embarrassed at the final moment. Because the idea you select for your mandap decoration, is going to be judge by everyone who attends your wedding.

There are several creative and unique wedding mandap Decoration ideas are available which you can try at your wedding. Even you can try the latest and trendy wedding mandap ideas also. If you want you can also try some customization in your mandap for making it more beautiful. Every family wants good compliments & appreciation from the guest for their efforts in the marriage. That’s why you need to go with the right decoration ideas for the mandap of your wedding.

Impress your Guest through Best Wedding mandap 

The selection of right decoration ideas for your wedding mandap gives your marriage more classy and premium turn. Even your guest also memories your whole wedding, just because of your unique mandap decoration. Marriage is one of the best chances to impress your relatives & you not need to leave any chance for it. So, choose your wedding mandap design which suits to your culture or your wedding theme perfectly. Our Mandap decoration ideas are perfectly suited for every type of marriage. You just need to select any one of them to try in your wedding.

As most of the people treat mandap like a small aspect in a wedding & never treat its decoration in the right way. But being an event planner, we care for every aspect of your marriage and try to make it large. So that you can ensure and enjoy every part of your wedding with full excitement. The decoration ideas for the wedding mandap which we bring for you are marvelous. It makes your wedding more alive and excited for everyone.



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