Top 8 Fun Party Games Ideas for Couples

If you are also in a relationship or married, then there are many ways to make some beautiful and memorable moments with your partner. In those ways, play some Couples party games are best. Enjoying games with your partner teach you a new way to interact with your partner and help you to know more about his/her. Even if you have a bad day, playing the right game can bring a smile on your face. Especially when you & your bae in a party, Below given Party Games for Couples are perfect for you. All these games are specially designed for the party time of couples, you just need to select those which you can easily perform and get ready to rock the party.

If couples are coming to your party and you want to make them excited, then you can organize some fun Party games for couples. Believe me, this can be the best idea to keep them excited about your party. Everybody loves to play games and when it comes to playing with your bae, nobody can reject it. You do not need to go outside for playing because everything is going to happen inside the door. So let’s take a look at several games ideas which you can play with your party gang.

Dice Rolling game

dice party game for couples

Guess the best thing about a dice rolling party game? in this game, you are the rule creator. You can create any rules which you want your partner to do in this game, usually Dice Rolling Games can be a naughty & Romantic Game for couples. But with some casual rules, it can also be considered as a Party game for couples.

Rules: – Write different tasks on the dice and throw it on the ground. You can ask the participants to perform this task one by one. This is really fun because you can write any task according to your coordination with different people.



In my childhood, I’m a champion of this game cuz I know a lot of tricks to win this game. and I’m also sure you also had played these games in your life but have you ever try this game in a party of couples? I don’t think so. In the right way, Tic-tac-toe can be played in a couple’s party.

Rules: – Rule is as simple as you want, a simple competition of 2 couples and the one who lost will perform a task given by the winner couple.

Rapid Fire

rapid fire - party games for couples

Luckily, my eyes are sharp & I’m really good at aiming. that’s why I really like to participate in such games. This fun couples party game is really interesting for you if you are like me otherwise just skip to the next one. Just 5-6 empty cans & some rubber bands are enough to make your party interesting.

Rules: – For this game, you have to set up empty cans in a triangular position. Then the player has to stay behind the foul line and when the timer will start, the player shoots a rubber band at the can. The Player needs to clear the table by shooting a rubber band on the cans to make fall them on the floor. this is a competition between 2 couples at once & the couple who do this first will win.

Movin’ On Up

Fun party games

I still remember that last time when I tried this game, I lost. if you’re not a balancing expert, then must do practice for this game if you want to win. But honestly, this is another great couple party game i ever played with my couples gang. Just like the above games, you not need many things for this game, just a stock of paper cups is enough.

Rules: – The Participant couple will take one cup from the top of the cup’s stack and place it at the bottom from one hand and then repeat this process again with another hand. The Player needs to keep doing this till the first cup will again come on the top. This game may be a little bit tough and tiring but still very excited.

Stick the Landing – Bottle Flip

flip the bottle game for couples party

Want to try your luck? If yes, then this game is for you. You can play stick landing with your couple group or with your partner too. this game looks really tough, but as per my experience, with some tricks & practice, you can easily do it.

Rules: – You will throw a bottle in such a way that it gets flipped and stands back straight. Both couples have 3 chances for it and the one who did this first will win the game.

Blow Up the Cups

blow up the cups - couples party games

One of my favorite couples’ games for the party. to win this game, you just need some practicing & need to be calm. Its rules are also very easy.

Rules: –  You have to blow up a balloon from your mouth. And expel the air of the balloon on the 7 plastic cups one by one in one minute of time. The pair of a couple who do this task first & make every cup fall will win the game.

Junk in the Trunk Game

junk in the trunk party games

Junk in the Trunk is a body shaking game that makes everyone laugh. The best part of this game is that you have to shake your body in a weird style which is really funny.

Rules: – In this game, a rectangular box will attach to your waist with around 8 ping pong balls inside. And you have to shake your waist to make balls out of the box in a time limit. as you know, the couple who do it first will win.

Spin the Bottle

spin the bottle party games

This game comes with simple rules & it increases the curiosity of participants. You can play this game on your level by deciding right dare. In this game, you need to sit in a circular position on the floor and placing a bottle or pen in middle.

Rules: – One person will spin the bottle and when the bottle stop, the guys who are on the point of the bottle have to perform a dare giving by other people in the circle. The dare can be anything according to the comfort level.  You can give people dare like to dance on a funny song to make people laugh etc. Even you can also make this Best Party Games for Couple by giving wild dares.

In the end, without taking this article longer, let’s end up it here. If you want more such interesting couple party games, give your feedback below and must follow us on our social accounts.


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