Pooja Room Decoration Ideas: 10 Best Décor Ideas for Pooja Room

You know what, the peaceful and relaxing room of my home is my Pooja Room, where I rarely go😅. Even not only in my home, for most Indians their Pooja room is also the best relaxing place in their entire house. And this is the only place which needs to be well clean and decorated for every festival. That’s why today I’m sharing some beautiful Decoration ideas for the Pooja room which will make your Pooja room more peaceful. Even I’ll also give some advice or tips which you could consider for making your God’s home i.e. Pooja Room better. So, let’s start with my Pooja room décor ideas & first and in the end, I’ll give you some tips.

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The size of the Pooja room may vary from home to home and even design may also vary. But all the Decoration ideas for Pooja room which I’m sharing below are perfect for all sized Pooja room. Isn’t matter your Pooja room is small or large, furnished or not, with my Pooja room decoration ideas, you’ll surely get a better version of your old one. Got it? Now, let’s start the Pooja room decoration journey with my first Idea.

Add Flowerpot in the Room

Flowerpot for pooja room decoration

Putting flower pot in the room, give it a more relaxing environment. Especially for the Pooja room, putting a Tulsi pot is just an impressive combination. You can place the pot at any location where everyone can easily see it. It increases the adorability of the room and makes it the best place for concentration.

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Ganesh Leaf Door Hanging

Ganesh Leaf Door Hanging decor for pooja room

Ganesh leaf door hanging is another great decoration item you can add in your Pooja room to make it decorated. As this is not a much great idea to use but still, it is worthy to add this. You can easily buy this décor item from an online platform at your budget-friendly price.

Beautiful Showpiece for Pooja room

Showpiece for Pooja room

There are different kinds of showpiece available in the market which you can try to make your Pooja room better. Usually, turtle showpiece is best for keeping in Pooja room which is also a symbol of peace.

Small Temple Bells

Small Temple Bells

Let’s make your Pooja room more religious, hanging some small temple bells on your doors is the best thing you can do to decorate your room. You can also add your own customization décor item wit temple bells to make it look more genuine.

Electric Diya Idea for Pooja room Decoration

Electric Diya Idea for Pooja room Decoration

Electric Diya is another great choice to make your Pooja room look more impressive. This décor item does two work together, the first one it makes your Pooja room look more decorated and impressive and second benefit it works like a professional Temple Diya, which bring light in your room. 

God’s stickers for Pooja room Decorations

God’s stickers for Pooja

Stickers work perfectly for decorating the place where you cannot use any other décor item. Like for ceiling, corner walls, etc. Many types of stickers come in the market which works perfectly for your room. Even I also have two stickers in my Pooja room.

Leaf Curtains

Leaf Curtains decoration idea

Leaf curtain is another great décor item that you can use to decorate your Pooja room. It is really an effective way to bring new charm and make an awesome atmosphere in the room.

Peacock feather Décor

Peacock feather Décor

Well, without feather décor, your Pooja room will never look complete. I understand that using original peacock feathers for decoration is a little bit difficult, that’s why I suggest you, choose an artificial or plastic feather for decorating your Pooja room.

Wall hanging Ganesh

Wall hanging Ganesh

Just make your walls alive, with wall hanging Ganesh, you can give your Pooja room’s wall brighter looks. And I’m pretty much sure that you’ll surely love this idea because I also have a wall hanging Ganesh in my Pooja room.

Garland Money Creeper Wall Strings

Garland Money Creeper Wall Strings decor idea for pooja room

Personally, I love this décor idea for the Pooja room. And I’m sure that you’ll too. Garland Money Creeper Wall Strings is a great way to give your blank walls a next-level look. This is another cheapest way to bring a beautiful garden in your small Pooja room.

Tips for making your Pooja room looks more beautiful

Just like in Janmashtami Decoration Ideas for Home, some common tips can improve your overall decoration and rectify your mistakes. That’s why I always give some thoughtful tips at the end of every topic. Below I listed some thoughtful tips which I bring from the common mistakes done by people in Pooja room Decoration. If you follow these tips, then you’ll surely get surprising Decoration results from your Pooja room. Let’s take a look on my first tip.

Make your Pooja Room at Right location

Well, that’s ok to use empty space of your home in making your Pooja room. But in my opinion, the right position of your Pooja room will make it more effective and working. According to Vastu, North-east direction is ideal for Pooja Room. So, try to keep it the same. But that is not mandatory, you can also choose another direction as per your home.

Have enough space in your worship room

Usually, people make their Pooja room at a place where very little space is available. And believe me, if you want to really make your Pooja room impressive, just make it at a place where enough space is available for the standing of 3-4 people together.

Choose the right color-themed

Choosing a Rainbow and multicolor theme for Pooja or worship place makes it awkward. So, try to keep it in a single or dual color. Usually white and golden looks ideal for Pooja room.

Window in the Room

If you think, the window is not a necessary party in the overall structure of your home, then DUDE, you are totally wrong. Having a window is really effective to make a room look more charming and brighter. Because the decorating windows are the most effective way to decorate your whole room. Even you can say, decorating your Pooja room’s window is another great Decoration Idea for Pooja room.

Not into the corner

After setting up your whole furniture and home layout, where some space was left in your home? Yes, in the corner. So, is it a good idea to make your Pooja room in that corner? Maybe it is or maybe it is not. It all depends on the space you have in your home’s corner. But I personally recommend you to keep your Pooja room in not too corner in your home.

Keep it Away from Baths

You easily found many people’s Pooja room just near their baths, which is seriously doesn’t make any sense. So, keep in mind, try to keep your Pooja structure away from your baths.

Spreads Fragrance every Day

The fragrance is the best solution to bring new charm in the room. Believe me, spreading fragrance makes your decoration more effective. And the best thing is that you not need to do any hard work for it, you can use automatic perfume sprinkler for this purpose.

Right Furniture at right place

It doesn’t make any sense if you place a pair of tables and chairs in your baths, right? Just like it. You do not need to put any extra furniture in your Pooja room if you don’t wait to make it look like your living room.

Wrap it up

This is enough for now. Hope you found something helpful in this article which is about Pooja room decoration Ideas. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and follow us on our social accounts. If you have any doubt just do the comments below.

Enjoy your decorated Pooja room.🙏

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