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Everything about Simple & Punjabi Roka Ceremony

Roka ceremony is considered as the first and the most traditional ritual in Punjabi weddings. But some really important things & facts from which you are well aware before making the Punjabi Roka ceremony. In this article, we will cover everything a single thing about Roka Ceremony which helps you to understand the Roka ceremony Meaning & why roka is so important at weddings. Reading this post to the end solve your every query and question which you have related to this Ritual.

What is Roka Ceremony?

Roka ceremony is taken as the signal for both groom & bride that they are going to be together. In other words, a Simple Roka Ceremony is to be treated as the official announcement for the wedding. If we talk about the past, then in past Roka is not such famous & significant as it is now. In the past, it’s just a small Punjabi wedding ritual in which the family members of both groom & bride meets and eat sweets. But with the time, just like other wedding rituals Roka ceremony also elaborate and become important for every wedding family.

If we are going through tradition, the Punjabi Roka Ceremony event is hosted by the bride’s side. But at present, things have changed. Any of both sides are ready to host this event. And the best way is to sit down and talk to elders. They clear the fact of hosting that event. Because not every family is not following the same tradition.

Steps to be done in Roka Ceremony

To simplify everything which is done in Roka Ceremony, we classified the procedure into simple steps. This helps you to understand Roka more simply and easily. The procedure for Roka is as follow: –

  1. Selecting the venue: – Generally, the venue for the ceremony is of bride home but it is not necessary. Because, if the family wants the venue can be selected as any banquet hall according to the number of people available.
  2. Tilak: – tilak is just a paste of sandalwood (चंदन) & This paste (Tilak) is applied on the forehead of groom & bride.
  3. Giving Blessings: – After completing the Tilak ceremony, the elders of the Roka ceremony give blessings to the groom & bride. Another Family member available their exchange sweets & other gifts like fruits, dry fruits, clothes, etc.
  4. Giving Red Chunni or dupatta: – after completing the above procedures, the mother of the groom giving a beautiful red Chunni/dupatta on her head with blessings, cash & other gifts. The parents of the bride also give gifts to the groom like cash, cloths and & other items.

Roka – Official Starting Of Wedding Rituals

For sharing the happiness of fixing of marriage, the parents of the groom & bride also organize a party to their selected ones. Rest the procedures which are done in the wedding are considered after this ceremony. That’s why Simple Roka Ceremony is always taken as the most significant wedding ritual for every wedding. Being nervous in Roka is not a big issue for today’s generation because most of the people are not fully aware of the procedure of this ritual.

You have to decide whether you want your ceremonial event is big or small. At that time, you and your parents should be on the same page. The best way to you decides the event size Consult with your elders to decide how much big event you want. According to that, you choose your venue.

roka ceremony meaning

Dress up Design for Roka Ceremony

In Punjabi roka Ceremony, traditional wear is the following. The boy can be wear anything in a designer suit, kurta & pajama. While the girl has choices of beautiful saree, suit & lehenga choli. Even for making your roka more interesting, you can ask your guest to follow the theme of the occasion and dress up accordingly.

Chose the Decor According to the Scale of Your Event

If you are hosting your Roka event on your home then you have to find a decor service provider according to your needs. There are many pretty ways to decorate your home neatly. And if it is a big one on their desired venue then go out. And check out the crazy decor for your amazing Roka Ceremony.

After booking your venue. You must have to book your catering facility for your occasion. You can book hotel catering & you can book outdoor caters also. If you host your ceremony at the hotel then you can book the hotel catering. If you hosting the ceremony at another place then you can go to outsider caterers.


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