7 Most Naughty & Romantic Games for Couples in Love

Being in a relationship, I know that playing romantic games with my bae is the most inexpressible memories I have. A right Romantic Couples Games at the right moment will turn you high in your private time. It can kill your whole day’s stress and bring freshness and new excitement in your mood. Even when you don’t have anything to do for your fun, these games are best.

And the best part of these romantic couples’ games is that you can make your own naughty rules here. and I know you understood the mean of Naughty here.😉

Another great reason, why you should play these games with your bae, is that it makes your bonding with your partner, better. In short, games are the best way to know more about your partner. Even games can be considered as the best trick to give your relationship a new spark. Your whole day anxiety will be converted into the mood of romance with these magical Romantic couples games.

So, get ready to bring new charm in your boring eve, when you are bored at your place.

Pucker Up 

Pucker Up - romantic couples games

Unlike Party Games for Couples, Pucker up can be the ideal naughty game for couples. As per my experience, I really enjoyed the moment when I tried this game with my girl. as I’m not a pro of this game because of which I made a lot of mistakes but that mistakes memories are the real gem I have.

Rule: – In this game, you get the chance to come closer to your girl/boy and making some romantic memories. Basically it is a competition between 2 couples in which you have to pick up a lightweight ball with the pressure of your lips. And it has to be moved from one place to another. The couple who do it first will win the game.

Touch My Body

touch my body- romantic couples games

Well, that’s a little bit of private time game which can only be played if you really have a good bonding with your partner. actually that’s a naughty game which really turns you high. If you are alone with your partner then this Romantic Couple game is perfect for you.

Rules: – In which you need to tie your partner’s eyes and then hold their hand in your hand. When you both are ready then you have to touch your body part with your partner’s hand and ask them the name of the body part. Hope you know how to make this game more romantic and naughty.

Blink Your Eye

eye blink - romantic couple games

Blink your eye, honestly I just created this game now. it sounds look really awful but with some naughty rules, you really have fun moments with your partner. and as I said, in all my Romantic Couples Games, you are the rule creator. so, run the horses of your brain in the naughty direction.

Rules: – In this game, you have to sit in front of your partner and keep looking in each other’s eyes. The one who blinks his eyes first will lose the game. you can give your partner any mischievous act if she/he loses. and the best point of this game is, you can play this without any equipment.

Rock Paper Scissor

rock paper couple game

When I’m with my girl, I don’t want to play long time games just to win from her & give her some naughty task. I just want quick games that give instant results. if you have the same mentality as me, here’s this game is for you. As I said, this is also a simple but effective game to turn your girl mood on.

Rules: – I don’t think to tell you the rules of this game. as you already know how to play rock paper scissors. The things which you just added is a task which loser do. You can keep any naughty rule like kissing or even get clothes off as per your coordination with your partner.

Tilt-A-Cup Game

romantic games for couples

If you want to increase laughter, this game is perfect. You just need a ping pong ball and stack of some cups for playing this game.

Rules: – For this game, a player holds a stack of cups in their hand and catch the ball throw by the other player. Once you catch the ball in the cup the bottom cup will replace by the top cup. This process is repeated until the ball is caught in all the cups. This game will surely make your bae laughed.

Face the Cookie Game

romantic games for couples

One of my favorite fun games which you can play with your partner and group. This game is very simple & fun.

Rules: – In this game, you have to place a cookie in the middle of your forehead. And by trying to tilt your head and move your face, you have to catch the cookie in your mouth. This game is really very funny and excited, which brings new joy to your guests.

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