Romantic Proposal and Small Honeymoon at the Bellagio Las-Vegas

This trip was something my fiance has been dreaming about for many years, and I just knew that I had to take her to the Bellagio for a magical proposal experience. We have already been dating for three years, and I’ve been secretly saving up for this trip ever since I decided I want to propose. Of course I considered staying at a less expensive hotel at first, but after I did some research online I understood exactly why Julie wanted to come specifically to the Bellagio.

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So, a few days into April we took the flight into Las Vegas. The weather was perfect – not too hot, very sunny and welcoming. We were greeted at the doors of the hotel and made to feel like important guests all throughout our check-in process. The staff was very helpful, despite us acting like stupid giddy teenagers. I booked us the fountain view king room, which was a fantastic decision because Julie was absolutely obsessed with watching the fountains! I was almost concerned she’d forget all about me haha!


Let me tell you about the room we stayed in! It was very clean, I feel like it’s being deep cleaned after every guest. It felt very cozy, which was a nice contrast to how noisy and bright the strip was. For the first couple days we went out to the casinos and shops and restaurants, but after I proposed on the third day we kinda got stuck in the room for a couple days, and took full advantage of the room service. And let me tell you, when they say it’s 24 hours – it really is! We have ordered food at all hours of the night and were never left unsatisfied.


I am very particular when it comes to fabrics, so it was a pleasant surprise for me how high quality the linens and the robes were in our room.

We both slept wonderfully, I hope I can get a mattress like what the bellagio had in our actual house someday! I booked a full spa day for me and Julie on the fifth day of our stay, and she LOVED it! I will always be

extremely pleased with myself for gifting this experience to my beautiful fiance, because I have never seen her this happy and relaxed and glowing.

The massages and the steamings and the facials – we got it all. I didn’t really understand half of the procedures we did, but it was nice nonetheless.


When it comes to finding stuff to do, this resort will not disappoint ever.

We barely scratched the surface of what the bellagio had to offer. We watched the fountain show multiple times, of course, spent some dough in the casinos obviously, went to see a Cirque du soleil show – which was

AMAZING by the way! – and we definitely got lost in the botanical garden.

Julie took so many pictures her phone ran out of memory within three days lol, she had to post to instagram so much.


Do you want to know about the food? Because we were dining like royalty the whole week! I’m pretty sure I put on a few pounds hehe! My favorite restaurant was by far the Prime steakhouse, while Julie preferred the japanese place. It wasn’t always easy to get a table, but if you book in advance you’ll be fine. I wish I wrote down the names of wines we were having, because they were delightful. Some people acted very rude to the servers but the staff were super professional and resolved any arguments fast. Its a first-world problem I suppose, but the sheer amount of dining choices we got was ridiculous. I think we had about 10 restaurants and cafes right there in the resort itself, there was zero need to even leave for great food. 10/10 for dining options I say, but it gets exhausting at some point.


Okay, I think that’s about everything I had to say about how much fun we had. The staff was super understanding, they even helped me find some rose petals and candles to make a special little set-up for when I would bend the knee to my queen. I am a very private person, as is Julie, so I decided to do my proposal in our room, while the fountains were doing their thing outside the window. Julie said yes, of course, and said she has never been so happy! It was very cute how everyone smiled at us and maybe cringed a bit at our lovey-dovey attitude throughout our week.


Overall, the only major complaint I’d have about our Bellagio getaway would be the price. It was well worth it, but this week definitely ate through my budget and then some. Money does buy you happiness! It was the happiest few days of my life, me and Julie will forever cherish the memories we made there, and we will return for our anniversary


I strongly recommend the fountain view rooms if you like to watch them, you will get the best views AND a comfy place to watch from. Like I said, the staff was absolutely amazing, the hotel didn’t feel crowded at all despite many people being there, and I loved every single amenity we took advantage of. The food was phenomenal, the hotel itself was clean and beautiful, so – keep it up!

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