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10 Unique Shaadi Games Idea for 2020 Marriages

Have you ever preferred to go in a silent Party? I don’t think so. This is what wedding Becomes with Shaadi Games. Indian Shaadi can never be completed without interesting Games. Introducing the right games in the marriage will make it enjoyable for everyone. So, don’t let your marriage become boring, add some interesting and joyful Shaadi Games which you found below in this article.

A wedding is considered a life-changing point in 2 families. In which both the groom & bride are nervous. In that Tensed environment playing some fun and enjoying Shaadi games can boost your confidence. Playing games can also improve your communication with your partner’s family members who also participate in your wedding Games.

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I Hope, this explanation is enough to show you the significance of Games in a Shadi. Now, let’s move on to our first Indian Wedding Game Idea.

Freeze Wedding Game

Are you a music lover just like me? then I’m pretty sure, you will love this Funny Shaadi Games. In this game, you dance with your partner till the musical play & when the music paused, you have to stop. You have to maintain the posture in the position in which you are at that moment. If you are the one who keeps the same position for the longest time, then you will win the game.

Cushion Passing

Here another interesting and musical games come. Most of you see these games on TV & familiar about how to play this. the simplicity of this game makes it a perfect Shaadi Game. In this game, you need to keep passing the cushion to another person of the group till DJ Pause the Music. The person who has a cushion in their hands is going to perform a task given by others.

Paper Dance

Let’s bring a romantic Shaadi Game on the ground. Paper dancing game is one of my favorite games which I also tried on my wedding. Believe me, this game will Rock your Marriage. Especially for Couples, this game is a chance to show their chemistry together. Basically, Paper dance is a musical game in which a couple stands on a piece of paper. Once, the couples stand perfectly on the paper, DJ will start the song and the couple has to dance on that piece of paper without keeping your feet out of that paper. As the song pause, the paper will be folded to half and the same action will start again. The couple who perfectly dance on the smallest piece of paper will become the winner.

Guess the Ingredient

Here a Shadi game comes for food lovers. The rule of this game is very simple, you have to taste something with closed eyes and guess the name of Ingredients mixed in that item. If you guess all the right ingredients name, then you become Winner.

Spin the wheel

Another best Indian Wedding Game which I personally recommended to must add in your marriage. the best part of this Shaadi game is that you can add as many participants as you want in this game. Just arrange a rotating Board Wheel & write different tasks on it. One by one,  all the participants rotate the wheel & have to perform the task which comes in their share.

Untie the Knots

I Love romantic couples games and when it playing in a marriage, it becomes more interesting and attractive. As the name suggests, this is a couple’s game. In this game, the man’s hand will tie with his girl’s hand. the couple which unties the knots first will become the winner of this game. This game shows the coordination between the couples.

Read The Lips

“Read the Lips” is another Classy Indian Marriage game that needs skills and practice. Its name is enough to guess its rules. In this game, you have to guess the sentence by reading the lips’ movement of your partner. if you guess the whole right sentence then you both become the winner.

Tic Tac Toe

Well, I know that you are well aware of this game. But I don’t think so that you ever played this as a Popular Shaadi Game, am I right? hope so. I promise you, that this game will make your marriage more excited, just categories your participating wedding guests in the bride and groom side & start this game.

Wear the Saree

As the game name suggests, this is a competition of wearing saree fast. But not for women rather for gents of the wedding will wear the saree and the one who wears the saree first will win the game.

Guess The Movie

We all remember the name of movies through its one dance step. In this game, all the participants have to guess the name of the movie from one dance step did by non-participating members. If you guess the right movie name, then you will win.

Hope, you like my Shaadi Games, if you want more such interesting Games for Indian weddings, just Comment below and don’t forget to follow us on our Social accounts.

Enjoy the Wedding celebration!!!


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