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Top 5 Best Shaadi Games & Indian Wedding Games for Perfect Joy

Just like a party never complete without a musical environment, a shaadi can never be complete without Shaadi Games. The right game makes your every shaadi moment more beautiful and memorable for everyone. And if you are looking for some mind-blowing Indian Wedding Games ideas then you are at the rightest place. The games ideas which you get on down this post can be played in any ceremony. Especially for the couple, our games are perfect.

The wedding is considered as the most beautiful point of life when almost both groom & bride are nervous. So in that nervous environment playing some beautiful and funny Shaadi games can make you confident from inside & change the tensed environment. Even playing games can also improve your communication with other family members who participate in your Indian Wedding games. So games can be considered as one of the important aspects of Shaadi. So without talking on nonsense things anymore let’s come to the point.

 (Indian Wedding Games) what are the games which you can play in your Shaadi?

Here we give you the collection of some funny and romantic Shaadi games which make you excited every next minute.

  1. Freeze game: – If you love musical games, then you also going to love this wedding game. Where you dance with your partner till the musical play & you need to stop as musical paused. In the position in which you are. If you stand the longest time in this game, you will win.
  2. Cushion pass: – here another musical game idea for your wedding. Most of you see these games on TV. This is another most interesting and joyful game which you can play. In this game, you need to keep passing the cushion to another person of your group till DJ stops musically. The person who has a cushion in his hand is going to perform a task given by others.
  3. Paper Dance: – let us talk about romantic wedding games. In which paper dance comes on first. This game is the favorite Shaadi games for the young couple. This game is also played with a song in which you both need to stand on a piece of paper for a full song. And as the song ended the piece of paper become half & you both get closer.
  4. Guess the ingredient: – are you a foodie? Then this Indian Wedding games in for you. In this game, you taste something and you need to suggest the name of its ingredient within the time limit with a cover on your eyes.
  5. Spin the wheel: – in this game, your guest can also play. Where the different task is given on a wheel and oncoming a task groom or bride need to play the task given by the guest.

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