Tasks for Frshers Party: List of Best Cool Tasks for Freshers

Fresher Party huh…? in reality, Hosting a fresher party is not as an easy job as it looks even selecting some cool Tasks for freshers party is very difficult. Your second-year group goes into trouble if you fail to make plans to celebrate the fresher party. Because newcomers first-year students will tease your group until college completion. They give taunt on the preparation, your group made for the fresher party. That’s why take a lesson from the statement of “Don’t be lazy in the preparation of the fresher party of your college”. But with us, this work is not that much difficult more you, because we have provided you a complete guide on Freshers party Ideas, which makes your work easier.

But here, we’ll only talk about the fresher party tasks & activities, which you add up in your fresher party to make your party more interesting for freshers.

Now, you are cleared with the essence of this article. And don’t worry, unlike other websites, here you get point to point answers for your questions, in other words, without wasting your time, we directly come on best ideas of Tasks for freshers party. anyways, check the list of tasks below.

Doing Makeup Without Looking into Mirror

This task or activity is just like telling someone to drink water without touching the glass. Doing making without looking into the mirror seems to be a very interesting thing. Majorly females take part in these types of making makeup tasks but male participants can also take part in this activity also.

Cutting Hair & Give Yourself a Hairstyle

This task seems to be a very amazing thing. Because no one expecting a task in which you have to give yourself a haircut at the fresher party. That’s why give everyone this weird surprise & see the reaction of all the students presents at the fresher party.

Down a Big Glass of Drink in 15 Sec

This task looks so easy but this task can become a difficult one if you adding some weird drink which peoples do not like. That is the beauty of this game tells the participants to drink a weird drink like a neat alcohol drink or any other non-alcoholic drink which people usually don’t like.

Try Eating Snacks or Something Without Using Hands

Eating with the hand is an easy job but someone tells you to eat without hands then what is your expression after hearing this. You probably tell them are you mad? But this is a weird part of this task & because of that difficulty, this task becomes so funny & Interesting.

Doing Belly Dance & Twerking

For dancers, it is not a difficult job. But think about the guys & girls who do not know the dance moves. What will they do while doing this belly & Twerking dance? In this task, most of the guys are in the struggle because moving the belly is very difficult for a guy who does not know the basics of dance.

Speak up the alphabets from Z to A

Everyone knows, speaking the 26 alphabets from A to Z is a game of minutes, but have you ever try the Z to A alphabet series. This will make your tongue twist. so adding such game or tasks in the fresher party really make sense.

Shout your crush name

Think about this task how this task helps you tell your feelings to your crush. But at the same time, this activity can confuse the shouted name persons if so-many same name persons are available at the party. Shouting their crush name is everyone’s dream. If you are committed it’s ok but the thing about those guys or girls wants to tell their crush their feelings. So, this task is a golden chance for them.

Walk Out & Say I Love You to The Very First Person You See

This activity can be a heartbreaker for someone. In this task, you need to cover your eyes & all other participants are standing at their place & change their positions frequently. After some time, they stop & covered eye person walks out & remove their eye cover. Which per he sees first they need to say I love you.

Sit on Someone’s lap for 10 minutes

This task seems to be very romantic. But you can make it more interesting & funnier by covering the eye of the person on his turn. After that tell them to put a finger on the person he wants to sit on their lap. And the funny part is when a boy put finger on the boy. Think about how funny it is.

Call Your Crush & Ask for Date

In this task, You have the golden chance to ask your crush for a date. because whoever you ask for date, will surely become ready. even It can be the starting of your love story as well.

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