Top 5 Anime Series to Show to Your Kids

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In Japan, the word ‘anime’ was inspired by the English word ‘animation’. But outside of Japan, the word ‘anime’ is used to refer to Japanese animation programs or animations that were specifically produced in Japan. Despite being composed of animation, anime is strictly not cartoons. They are mostly considered adult content, however, they are also kid-friendly and we will recommend some anime series that you can show to your kids.

Whatever your mode of streaming anime, one thing is for sure: you need an internet connection for your kids to be able to stream anime series online. Streaming TV series, especially anime, need at least 10 Mbps internet speed for smooth streaming. If there is more than one device being used to stream anime in your household, you might need to go for a higher internet speed. Besides watching anime, there are other factors to consider for using the internet in your household, such as social media scrolling, email checking, downloading files, etc. Keeping all these in mind, you need to go for specific internet speeds that are designed to meet the needs of a single household with multiple devices. Fortunately for you, Xfinity Internet has multiple plans, all based on their speeds and pricing, for you to choose from.

Now that you have decided on what internet plan to go for, you can recommend any of the following anime series to your kids.

  • Doraemon. An anime series where a robotic cat called Doraemon tries to be a good influence for a boy named Noby. Noby is a very lazy boy and has bad manners, and Doraemon teaches him many lessons about how he can do better. In this show, kids can learn repercussions to negative behavior traits such as being rude or being selfish, etc. In that way, Doraemon finds a solution to problems Noby faces, and kids might find that familiar. Doraemon is a great series for kids, who have a love for nature, gadgets, and dreams coming true. YouTube TV has a free trial of Doraemon for your kids to watch.


  • Bananya. Some kids are known to not have a very long attention span, which is why something as cute and quirky as Bananya should be suggested for them. Bananya is the story about the adventures of Bananya, a kitty who is inside a banana, and his loved ones. In every episode, there is a plot that is a lot of fun and enjoyable, but a bit cliché as well. Unlike other anime series, there are no evil characters or any violent fighting scenes, which makes this suitable to watch for all ages of people. You can catch Bananya on Crunchyroll.


  • Pokémon. this is the greatest family-friendly anime to ever hit the screen with millions of fans not only in Japan but worldwide. There is a huge number of episodes and 23 movies based on Pokémon but the main focus of these all are Ash Ketchum, a 10-year-old boy who is a Pokémon trainer, and his adventures of becoming a Pokémon master, with his friends and Pokémon. The series is mainly kid-friendly and bleak subject like death is rarely mentioned in the series. Any Pokémon that is deemed to be violent or sinister is made to be less aggressive. Apart from that, there are also lessons of valuing trust, friendship, and loyalty that Ash experiences among his friends and Pokémon. This makes it suitable for kids to watch. Kids can catch the Pokémon series on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.


  • K-On. This series revolves around five young girls who are extremely passionate about music. They decided to start their music club, which consist of a bass player Mio, keyboard player Tsumugi, a drummer Ritsu and a guitar player, Yui, who had never played any musical instrument in her life. But they all have one thing in common which is music. Though the series also include comedy, quirkiness, and costume fetishes between the four girls, and their class-fellows, making the series lighter and humorous as well. Having relaxing vibes, this series is appropriate for kids to watch and you catch it on Xfinity’s Peacock.


  • Little Witch Academia. This is suitable for kids 7 years and older. Little Witch Academia is about an aspiring witch named Akko, who goes to Luna Nova Magical Academy, where students learn the crafts of magic. Akko doesn’t belong to any magical family, which is why it is a struggle for her and she lags behind her classmates. Akko then discovers the legendary Shiny Rod that used to belong to Shiny Chariot, her magician idol, and then feels that she can perform any kind of magic with it. She starts to believe in herself and her future as a witch. This cute and quirky kids’ anime series can be streamed on Netflix. 


 So there we have it. Top five anime series that we think is appropriate and entertaining for your kids. The best part is, these listed series can be enjoyed by people of all ages, which is why you can also watch alongside them. 



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