30+ Indian wedding invitation Message for friends on WhatsApp

The simplest & easiest way for being connected with your friends without going out is social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, telegram, and rest. These mobile apps have become necessary in our life just like our online body parts. Even people started inviting their friends over WhatsApp for their wedding by creating online invitations via InVideo’s wedding invitations and not by personally visiting their home. This technique works really effectively and saves so much time of wedding hosts. Here Besteventplanner.in Comes up with some trendy Indian wedding invitation message for friends on WhatsApp, which you can use to invite your lovely buddies in a stunning way.

Best Messages for Inviting Friends in Indian Wedding on WhatsApp

Here’s come 30+ Trendy & Beautiful Invitational Message for your friend’s WhatsApp. Copy them, Make some customization and send it to invite your buddy in the Marriage.

indian wedding invitation message for friends
  • You have been an amazing friend to us. We invite you to celebrate the relationship that we share through our wedding which will be held on [date]. come to celebrate with us with your family!
  • We warmly invite you and your family to join us as we start a new journey of life together. Your presence will be a blessing to us.
  • Your presence at my wedding means a lot to all of us. Please let us have the honor to host you on this beautiful celebration of love and loyalty!
  • My dear friend, I would be grateful to have your presence near me on the most important and responsible day of my life – the day when I get married to my beloved man/woman. I anticipate seeing you, hearing your words of wisdom, and getting a tight hug before I start my new life with the person I love.
  • We expect your blessing more than anything on our wedding day. Let us all enjoy the holy occasion with your sweet presence.
  • This is not just a day to have the most delicious food, have fun and wear the newest dresses. This is the day when we take the brand new step in our relationship, which will be the first day of our married life. And this day will only be complete if my wonderful friends are there to see me tying the knot with my love. So, we want to invite you and your family to our festive day!
  • You are invited to be an honorable guest at our wedding ceremony. We are anticipating seeing you at our grand wedding venue.
  • Do you remember when you said that my future husband/wife is the one and only for me? It turns out that you knew all along! What would the wedding be now without you?
  • True love grown in our hearts and the trail has led us here…We, [Bride & Groom Names] invite you to join us as we get united on [date] at [time] in the morning at [venue] Reception to follow
  • We request you to join us on [date] as our beloved son/daughter takes the hand of [name] through marriage. Your blessings matter the most to us!
  • You are pleasantly invited to the beautiful ceremony of my wedding which will take place on [date] at [venue] from [time]. Your attendance will be a blessing to us during the holy occasion.
  • On our wedding day, we expect to receive your blessing more than anything else. Join us to enjoy the beautiful occasion.
  • We are honored to invite you, dearest friends, to the wedding of our son/daughter, who is about to start his/her new experience in life and tie the knot with his/her future husband/wife.
  • The delight of your company is requested at the marriage union between [name] and [name] on [day, month] at [time] at [venue], reception to follow at the same venue.
  • We are delighted to announce the wedding of our son/daughter with [name] which will be held on [date]. It will be an honor for us for you to be there with your family.
  • We are excited to let you know that all the arrangements have been made and the wedding of our daughter/son has been set to be on [date]. We cordially invite you to celebrate with us!
  • You have been a great friend to us. Our wedding ceremony will be incomplete without your presence. Let’s share the happiness together.
  • My dearest friend! I could not forget about you on my wedding day. I sincerely hope that you will give me the honor of attending my wedding.
  • Let us unite once again as two loving souls of children creates an everlasting bond of marriage. Your presence will make this event more special!
  • You have shared the same journey that we both had in life. Without your presence, the joy of this wedding is incomplete. We are cordially inviting you to be with us on [ date]
  • We are inviting you to be with us at our wedding on [date]. I have no doubt that the heavenly charm of your presence will intensify the joy of the celebration.
  • My dearest friend, you are cordially invited to grace my wedding ceremony on [Date, Time, Venue]
  • You have always inspired us to start a new life together. Without you, the wedding ceremony is incomplete. We are cordially inviting you to join us!
  • You have always been a big part of our lives. Let us share the big day as we unite our souls in a bond of love and devotion. You are cordially invited!
  • Our dear friends, we decided that we want to share our lifetime and be with each other in happiness and grief. We want you to start this way alongside us. Please come to our beautiful wedding ceremony, we are excited to see you there!
  • You are officially invited to our upcoming wedding, to celebrate the meeting of two loving hearts. We would love to see you at the ceremony and hear your sincere prayers for our union.
  • Your presence at our wedding will be more than a blessing to us. We look forward to sharing the joy. You are invited to the wedding ceremony!
  • You have always been the perfect guardian for us. Your presence is more than expected during this holy occasion of our lives.
  • Our wedding ceremony will include the dance floor and the open bar, so of course, who else would get our first invitation except you?
  • We warmly invite you to our wedding. Save The Date! [Date:], and [Time:]. The venue will be at [Venue:]
  • We are happy to share the joy of our daughter/son as they make the vows of marriage. We cordially invite you to join us.
whatsapp indian wedding invitation message

Must keep this point Remembered

Just imagine, you have received a wedding invitation from your friend and as you opened it, you found everything except the date & venue of the wedding.  What do you do at this time? If you ask me, then first I will laugh out loud & then call my friend to ask the rest details of his wedding.

I hope that you don’t want to do such kind of silly mistake which my friend did in this example? That’s why I’m giving you some thoughtful points which you need to keep in mind while sending an invitation message to your friend on WhatsApp, mail, or any other platform.

  1. Make the main info clearly visible
  2. Keeps the Letter Large
  3. Write Separate WhatsApp Invitation Message for everyone
  4. Send the invitation at right time (Not too early nor too late)
  5. Add respect & Thanks in your message
  6. Keep the spaces in lines

Why you should prefer sending Text messages on WhatsApp over going physically for it?

There is nothing wrong in saying that people really hate to visit their long distant relative’s home just for giving them a wedding card invitation. Right? Because it doesn’t make any sense in reality. Another benefit which you get from inviting your family & friends for your wedding over the online platform through message is they get enough time to make preparation for the wedding like taking off from their offices or work, make their outfit selected, or thinking about Wedding Decoration Ideas for Home, etc. That’s why people in India usually prefer to sending wedding invitations to their friends on WhatsApp rather than going physical for it.

In the End

In the end, I just wish that this Indian wedding invitation Message for friends which you can send them on WhatsApp are helpful for you. If you found this article helpful, then share it with your friends and do follow our social accounts.


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